Simple Savoury Seaweed crisp for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year coming very soon! Lots of people posted in Facebook are selling CNY cookies and posting the cookies they make themselves. Looking through all the posts and recipes. I am faced with a problem, most of them are sweet. Nowadays people avocate less sugar, and my family members now go for no sugar drinks, even for coffee. So, savoury cookies or snacks is the best bet.

I tried this seaweed crisp as my first self made snack for CNY. Hmm... it turns out good, with a little spiciness from the Hot & Spicy seaweed flavour. "It is so addictive, mummy! I finished half the container already" my girl said. It is also good snack for beer drinkers instead of the usual groundnuts.

1 packet of seaweed (any flavor you like)
1 packet of popiah skin
1 egg
1/2 tsp of cornflour + 1 tsp of water
Oil for deep frying

Seaweed bought from supermarket (can be any flavour to your liking)

Popiah Skin

1. Mix cornflour with water, then add in an egg and beat lightly
2. Put one piece of popiah skin on the chopping board, brush with egg mixture.
3. Cut the seaweed to the popiah skin size and put it on top of the popiah skin.
4. Press down to stick it together.
5. Using kitchen scissor, cut the it into strips of about 1.5cm by 6 cm.
6. Deep fry until when its starting to turn slightly brown and quickly take out. 
7. The strips may continue to turn to a darker brown while cooling. 
8. Be careful, there will be a bitter taste if this strips are overcooked!
 9. Cool and store in airtight container.
 One packet of seaweed can get 2 small containers.

Happy Chinese New Year!
Gong Xi Fatt Chai!!

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