Food in Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia

Food in Pulau Langkawi
Going for a tour in Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia? Yes! Pulau Langkawi is a mystical idyllic island on the north west of peninsula Malaysia. So, I booked a flight. Booking flights are easy but deciding on the location of the hotel we want to stay is not easy, as the main concern is usually food. Why? Because for average and budget travellers like myself, I don't want to check into a hotel and found out that the hotel is isolated and located far out from any eateries. As a result, every meal has to be room service or bread ): Normally, only after we reached our destination, we will know which area is better.

I opted for a hotel in town, that is Kuah town in Pulau Langkawi thinking that there will be more food available in town and it is cheaper than the tourist spot in Jalan Cenang. But personally, after going there, I would recommend a hotel at Jalan Cenang. Because I found out later that staying in Pantai Cenang does have the lots of food including lots of activities. There are plenty of restaurants and stalls selling halal Muslim food in Pulau Langkawi.

Stalls selling Muslim food in the Pasar Malam (night market) in Kuah
 For overseas international tourists, Malaysia is an Islamic country and all Malays in Malaysia are Muslims. Therefore, food sold by Malays in this country are Muslim food. Muslim Restaurants in Malaysia are required by law to display Halal certificate certified by Islamic Board of Malaysia.

There is night market in Kuah town starting from 6pm - 10pm situated in front of Public Bank and walking distance from Bayview Hotel, Pulau Langkawi.
Night market or Pasar Malam in Kuah town

Stalls selling food at night in Kuah town
Going out of town and around the island is very easy. We can just rent a car if we travel in group, or take a taxi. Normally it is charged by the hour of RM 30.00 an hour. It takes about 5 hours to go round the tourist spots and most of the taxi drivers also double up as a tour guide.

There is this stall selling famous local food called laksa at the end of Jalan Airport. It was featured in two local Malaysian television channels that is  TV1 and TV2. This stall is called Laksa Power and another stall down the road is Laksa Sempoi (using a type of fish called ikan sekoq).
Food stalls along Jalan Cenang
For international tourists, beer is cheap in Pulau Langkawi because it is a Duty Free island.

I went to this Orkid Ria seafood restaurant at Jalan Cenang. The service is fast and food good. The bill for the food below is RM128.40 only.

First, we choose the seafood, and I chose this red snapper. It is then weighed before being cooked and sent to our table
During my Mangrove tour day trip, lunch is included and we had fried rice, fried chicken and soup, with watermelons and a glass of orange juice at a fish farm.
Lunch at the fish farm that is inclusive in the Mangrove tour
There are many other restaurants and food stall in town with some offering set dinner for 2 at RM29.90. For me food is important as we need to eat at least 3 times a day. For anyone going to visit Pulau Langkawi I would safely say food is not a problem especially halal Muslim food.

Malaysia has many other natural beautiful islands such as Pulau Redang, Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Tioman, Pulau Pinang and many others. Please Visit Malaysia, Malaysia truly Asia.

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