How to tidy up messy kitchen cabinet

Have you experience things dropped down from kitchen cabinets when you opened it? It has happened to me. As a full time housewife, I do cooking everyday. So I also do shopping and would just dump my things into kitchen cabinet. I will tidy it up once in a while  but sometimes too tired to do so. Ok, ok admit it, I am not a very tidy and neat person, haha. 

Oh yes I have been thinking of getting some containers to keep all the bits and pieces in proper order. But sometimes it is hard to find nice see through containers. 

My criteria of the types of containers are:

1) Airtight: this is my first important factor because I like biscuits and hate to eat soft biscuits when its been exposed to air. Another good thing about airtight is ants, yes ants the little tiny creatures that I feared most. I would normally buy imported biscuits and cookies as I love the buttery crispy texture. Imagine having to throw away a whole box of expensive biscuits after only eaten two pieces because the ant get to them and is having a feast! 

2) BPA free, so no smell and leakage of toxicity into my foodstuffs

3) See through containers so that I can see what is inside, instead of opening and rummaging through each and every container in my cabinets

4) Stackable: Yes so that it will save space be it on dinning table or inside cabinets.

5) Dishwasher safe: meaning at least it can withstand certain hot water temperature, good.

6) Tall enough to keep more things. 

7) Looks nice, clean and neat.

Ok, so I started looking around for some containers that would fit my criteria and also my budget. Of course, we can get many good and better ones but budget is important nowadays, especially during this lockdown of Covid where we have to be prudent in spending. So while browsing through the net I found this interesting video.

OK, so this Neoflam Smart Seal fits my conditions. Height of 22cm or about 8 inches I can keep most of my small packets of stuff inside. Even the is big enough to put a measuring cup inside! Cool, I can be a chef, because all this while I just pour out flour from the packet. It is very messy and some may spill out and imagine what happens if its sugar. I would curse when I spilt some sugar on the floor, because even after sweeping up, if I miss some sugar, my tiny enemy friends  will be seen happily crawling about on the floor.

I got this Neoflam Smart Seal at 11.11 promotional sale. 11.11 sale is over but you can still find lots of interesting see through containers at this website. Do remember to key-in Promo Code : MCSAuntyMei for extra discount.

Cabinet nice and tidy and can see the stuffs I keep inside. I am very happy now ^-^

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