Sumptuous Buffet at Coffee Terrace, Genting Highlands

"Let's eat! My stomach is growling" exclaimed my girl when we were at Resorts World Genting after enjoying the new lights show called Sky Symphony Show. "Hmm... the best place to go if you are that super hungry is buffet at Coffee Terrace." I answered.
Why? Because there plenty of choices and variety in this spacious dining spot. Coffee Terrace is located just next to Genting Grand Hotel and paying at the counter is quick and easy so it's just nice as my girl is hungry. 

Coffee Terrace serves breakfast, lunch and dinner
- Breakfast is from - 10.30am, price for adult is RM41 and child RM20
-Lunch is from 12.00 - 2.30 pm, price for weekdays is adult is RM42 & child RM21, Eve of and Public holidays, school holidays and weekends (Friday and Saturday), adult RM48 & child RM24.
-Dinner is from 5.00 - 9.30 pm, price for weekdays is adult is RM79 & child RM39, Eve of and Public holidays, school holidays and weekends (Friday and Saturday), adult RM82 & child RM41.

Being in Malaysia as a multicultural and racial country, you will be able to find the types of food here as diverse as the population and more. From local favourites of Char Koay Teow, Chicken rice, Gado-gado, Ice Kacang, Bubur Chacha and others to the main counters of Chinese, Western, Japanese, Malaysian and Western Asian cuisine.

Local delights of roast chicken and grilled vegetables, chillies, onions, peppers and tomatoes

 Salads and cold cuts of various types of ham and cheese. I love the soup and buns especially when I dipped the soft crispy croissants into the creamy soup, heavenly! 

I notice that the Japanese counter is most popular with assorted sushi, sashimi, clams which is my girl's favourite. 

This Western Asian counter is a rare gem especially with tourists from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan. Personally I love it too, hmmm... with the roti canai, mutton curry, naan, curry prawns and many other spicy mouth watering dishes. 

Wanna opt for hot dish to warm up? It is cold up here in Genting, so this counter of fresh ingredients with instant cooking for guest is a hit with long queues! Just choose and pick the any amount of your favourite ingredients such as mushrooms, fishballs, meat slices, vegetables, and it will be cooked instantly for you. Tada.. serve piping hot!

Desserts, oh desserts! Sweet, cute, hard, soft mushy, creamy, colorful and in little odd shapes of spoons, cups and containers.

This is the time to just forget about diet for this sweet tooth old lady! Hikhikhik. Confession: it's my soft spot and there's no will power at all when it comes to dessert ^-^. 

There are four sections in Coffee Terrace - Private room, Lanai Bar, Nyonya Baba Corner and Alfresco Terrace. Alfresco Terrace opens out to a nice view of the mountains and clouds. All in Coffee Terrace can accommodate up to 600 guests at any given time.   

Latest Sky Avenue in Resort World Genting does consist of many restaurants, fine dining and fusion food but if you want all in one variety of local taste, international cuisine and loves big eating (just as my girl, shy-shy*) then, Coffee Terrace is just for you!

For Genting members, you can get Genting points (GP) here, so quick patronise here, it's a win-win!

For more info: 
Coffee Terrace
Lobby Level, Genting Grand
Resorts World Genting
Genting Highlands, Pahang,

Tel: +603-61011118

Website: Coffee Terrace


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