Burnt Cheese Cake: It is so Easy to Bake that you Don't have to Buy the Expensive ones from Cake shops.

There has been a number of increasingly popular activities such as baking, cooking, indoor games, gardening and binge on watching Kdrama and Cdrama recently. During this pandemic, we have to keep ourselves occupied to stay safe, stay home and also stay sane! Most people turn to cooking, baking and gardening because we have to stay home and can't go out. Baking and home cooking has all the while been my favourite past time and hobby. Baking is also my de-stress medicine. I will feel happy and my spirits lifted upon seeing the nice beautiful cake that came out from the oven. 

Basque Burnt Cheese Cake is one of the many types of cake that has become popular recently. Why? I think it is because of the easy way of making it as it involve just simple baking.  As with majority cake lovers, I love cheese cake but was  not willing to make one because I do not like to do water bath as I do not have the suitable utensils. Therefore, I have been putting off until recently when I discovered this easy recipe and tweeted it a bit. Another reason for putting off making normal cheese cake is the base that needs biscuit crumbs. I usually have problem making the base hard enough. My cheese cake with  biscuit crumbs base will normally result in the base getting loose and crumbs falling out, shy shy. 

Here, you just use a blender to mix the batter instead of a beater. Put all the ingredients inside a blender and brooom, that's all. 

Here's a video of Burnt Cheese Cake and my cat pet Miu Miu

Tips of the day: For this recipe, do not break the egg straight into the blender. There are some recipes showing how this is done, but its advisable not to do here. Why? Because if one of the eggs is spoilt or rotten, and we just break it into the blender, than all the ingredients inside will become spoilt. So better to break the egg one by one into a separate bowl and then only pour it into the blender later.


1. 225 g Cream Cheese

2. 2 eggs (grade A)

3. 1 Cup evaporated milk ( or heavy cream  or Greek yogurt

4. 5 Tablespoons sugar (100g)

5. 1 Tbs Plain Flour + 1 tsp cornflour 

6. Half tsp vanilla

1. Put all ingredients of cheese, flour, sugar, vanilla and milk  into blender. 
2. Break eggs into a separate bowl first. Then pour it into the blender

3. Close blender lid and switch it on for 1 to 2 minutes. 

4. Pour into prepared baking tin. Make sure the baking paper is higher than the baking tin. 

5. Bake in a preheated oven of 230C for 25-35 minutes. Check the cake constantly as different oven's temperature is different. Mine was baked here for 35 mins. Last month, I did one burnt cheese cake baked at 220 at 25 mins and the cake did not rise and also not burnt enough. Bake until top burnt black and cake is wobbly. 
6. Cool down and refrigerate overnight for it to set and easier to cut the cheese cake. If you have problem of cutting cheese cake nicely (because the cheese will stick to knife thus the sliced cake will not  have clean cut), warm up knife a bit in hot water will do the trick.

My pet cat Miu Miu is checking my cheese cake. Well, well, there's no fish inside here for Miu. Hmmm...maybe I should bake a tuna cake for my Miu Miu!

Cheese cake is always a delicious cake and irresistible cake. 

Happy Baking to you!

Let me know of your baking and how it turns out yeaa...

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Thank you!

Let's Stay Safe, Be Happy & Healthy.

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