Whitekish Magic Charcoal for Tooth


Black is trending now? I have heard of black charcoal beauty products such as tooth paste, facemasks, hair and charcoal in food such as black buns. I also love to wear black color clothes as it can make me look slimmer. Well, recently there is this made in Malaysia local charcoal toothpaste called Whitekish Magic Charcoal. Teeth is an integral part of of our face and especially when we smile. Thus with Whitekish Magic Charcoal, you can smile with confidence!

Nice packaging and comes with a free soft tooth brush.

Whitekish Magic Charcoal is made from 100% Organic coconut shell with nor added chemical. 

Why Whitekish Magic Charcoal?

1. Contains natural ingredients: Charcoal made from coconut shells

2. Help to remove plague and tartar on teeth

3. Help to neutralize  PH level inside our inner mouth

4. No corrosive material or chemical (peroxide)

5. Helps to rid of bateria inside mouth thus eventually bad breath that is caused by bateria

6. Whiten yellow teeth with consistent and correct usage (effects can be seen as early as 1 month)  

Steps using Whitekish Magic Charcoal
1. Dip tooth brush into Whitekish Magic Charcoal powder

2. Brush, brush up and down

3. Brush, brush side and inside molars too.

4. Wash, wash, and can see real organic charcoal powder 

5. Rinse with clean water. 
6. Use twice daily for better results.
 Consistent and Regular use of Whitekish Magic Powder is recommended 

As we all know, basically charcoal is a good absorbent, so here Whitekish Magic Charcoal helps to obtain a whiter teeth and cleaner mouth by absorbing bacteria and "food chemicals"

Concern about safety of Whitekish? Whitekish Magic Charcoal has registered with Ministry of Health Malaysia. Can check details at National Pharmaceutical Regular Agency (NPRA) on the product been Registered. Link here https://www.npra.gov.my/index.php/en/consumers/information/products-search

Whitekish Magic Charcoal Combo package - RM68* (np RM233)

Interested? Please check out:
Website: Whitekish
Call/ sms/ Whatsapp : +60178898878

NB: *Price valid at the time of writing.

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