1st Country to visit after pandemic: Singapore!

 Good day, how are you? We have all been locked down for a year in our own country. Let's be positive and keep life going happily. As for me, an avid traveler, I look forward to travelling and would like to jump onto bandwagon of travel as soon as countries' borders are open. So which country do you want to visit after pandemic? For me, its Singapore! Of course Singapore!

Why? There are many reasons and here let me elaborate my main four reasons here. 

But, before I go further, I found this old photo of my happy times during my Staycation Singapore of about eight years ago. Hmmm.. smitten by nostalgic moments!

First: Ease of Transportation:

I love to travel locally in a foreign country to discover places at leisure. So for a traveler, getting around places is the most important part of my travel itinerary. Here, Singapore has a well connected train system MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) which is the fastest way to zip around the country. Get a Singapore Tourist Pass (STP), immediately after you landed at airport. This is a special tourist transportation pass with  EZ-Link stored-value card which will allow you unlimited travel for one day (S$10), two days (S$16) or three days (S$20). I will have to also download  MRT app from Google Play for easier checking of routes and timetable of trains . Oh ya, did I say airport? I heard Changi Airport is one of the best airport in the world! So oh my, I can't wait for the borders to open and travel to Singapore by air. The other means of public transportation are taxis which are also considerably cheap and reliable in Singapore.  I heard Grab car is also very convenient in this small island of Singapore, so I must also download Grab app in my hand phone too.     

Clean, comfortable, convenient and reliable MRT train 
 Photo credit to  Euan Cameron on Unsplash

Second: Myriads of accommodation to choose from:

Singapore is an international city and headquarters for lots of companies from Europe and America. Therefore, there are many travelers staying over in Singapore be it for business meetings and also bringing their families for holidays. Staycation Singapore is spoilt for choice, with many types of hotels from five stars to economy ones and also Airbnb. If you wish to stay near cultural spots such as Chinatown and little India, there's Hotel 81   As for my future Staycation Singapore , I think  may choose Hotel 81 in Chinatown as it is situated near MRT station and near the food stalls. 


Third: Cultural Hot Pot of Food

Clean hygienic food courts are the norm in Singapore!
(photo Credit: visitsingapore.com/editorials)

Food in Singapore is so wide and full of many varieties from different cultures. The best part is one can easily dine at a clean affordable hawker centers or have a choice of world's most exciting celebrity chef restaurants. From fine dining at Michelin star restaurants to stalls at food  courts, there's so many to choose from in taste as well as budget. The dish to go for is the famous Chili Crab, a spicy plate of crabs cooked in concoction of spices and chili, and you can taste the unique gravy that seeps into the flesh of slightly cracked stir fry crabs. Another delectable dish is the all time favourite of Chicken Rice where you can find it at high-end restaurants as well as at humble hawker centers. There are also many other must try food such as Fried Carrot Cake, Fried Kway Teow, Fish Head curry, Satay, Rojak and  Laksa. Oh yes, there are also many types of Laksa, and especially if you're in Malaysia, the type of Laksa is determined by the taste, its noodles and the broth. Laksa is totally different in different states of Malaysia such as the world famous Assam Laksa of Penang which has sourish broth, Laksa of Johor state which is not so sourish and the noodles made of spaghetti.

This is decade old stall famous for pancakes. 

Signs A Taste of Vietnam Pho Cafe, 277 orchardgateway B2-15 , 238852 Singapore. 

I will also try to dine in this Vietnam Pho Cafe recommended by a friend as it is operated by Deaf couple. 

 As a foodie who loves eating, staycation Singapore is what I am going to do immediately after pandemic to have my stomach happy in this so diverse vibrant food scene of Singapore!

Fourth: Beautiful Lightings and Theme park

My first visit to Singapore was more than twenty years ago and I was mesmerized by the dazzling dancing water lights at Sentosa Island then. It still etched in my memory as it was the first time I saw such array of colorful lights that night. 

Photo credit:  Photoholgic on Unsplash

Well, from the photos, I felt so overwhelmed! I really would like to see for  myself all this beautiful lights at the Gardens By the Bay. Yeah, again, the famous Gardens By The Bay is another reason for me to go for Staycation in Singapore ^-^ .

Universal Studio theme park in Singapore have many attractions and rides. I love theme parks and would definitely love to visit again after so long as I am sure there are many new exciting rides, attractions and adventures added when it reopens after the pandemic. 

Staycation Singapore can be fun and exciting and you can check out many other hotel  too. I will check Traveloka sites for more information in preparing for my this first country to visit after pandemic.

Found this useful information on Singapore which I would like to share: 

Tourist Hotline: Toll-free in Singapore - 1800 736 2000

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  1. Thank you for reading! Hope you can go to visit Singapore too after the pandemic.