Black Green Chicken Katsu, Aunty Mei's Recipe

Another 5 ingredients recipe for collection, ya. As Aunty Mei loves to add some vegetables for healthy eating, thus in this recipe two other ingredients of black and green color are added here. 
Chicken Katsu (チキンカツ) is breaded chicken, that is chicken coated with bread crumbs and deep fried until golden brown.  

This is an all time children favorites, can be for lunch or snacks. The ingredients are very basic and the main one I use are chicken meat and chicken cocktail. Any size chicken cocktail can be used, but here I use jumbo size chicken cocktail so that it looks big and attractive. (Especially for photos for Blog and Youtube, hehe) 

Nori Seaweed
Seaweed is a healthy food as it may help in reducing heart diseases, diabetes, contains vitamins and minerals, contains Iodine and Tyrosine which support Thyroid functions. (from Healthline
Celery is healthy as it is low in calories, high in fibre and contains useful phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. (from Livescience .com)

Bread Crumbs and Celery

Every recipe of Cooking with Aunty Mei will have a tips of the day cooking tips. So make sure you check it at the end of this blog. 
Although deep frying may be bad, but seaweed and celery is added to balance up the heatiness and also to provide the extra crunch.  

The ingredients are: 
1 stick of Celery
3pieces of Jumbo Chicken Cocktails

300g minced meat (roughly a handful)

A piece of dried seaweed. (Nori)
1 egg (beaten)
Bread crumbs

1. Cut the celery into 6mm thick and length according to  the length of the cocktail.  
2. Push the celery stick into the center of the chicken cocktail.
3. Boil the chicken cocktail
4. Use seaweed to wrap around the chicken cocktail 
5. Then wrap the minced chicken meat around the seaweed.
6. Dip into beaten egg and then into bread crumbs to coat.
7. Dip again into beaten egg for another 2nd bread crumbs coating 
8. Heat oil and fry until golden brown.
Cut and serve with hot rice or just as a snack dipped in chili sauce or mayonnaise or cheese mix.

Tips for checking temperature of hot oil for frying. 
Experts say that the temperature is very important for deep frying. You'll need a deep-fry or candy thermometer. Bring the heat up slowly until the oil is between 350 and 375 degrees F — too low and you'll get greasy food, too high and it'll burn.
But here as a normal housewife and a normal home cook person, we normally would not stock up many different types of accessories such as Deep fry thermometer for measuring heat of food or oil. The tip here is put a chopstick into the oil. If the oil is hot enough, there will be bubbles of oil rising around the chopstick. If the oil is not hot enough, then nothing happens. Simple isn't it? This is a traditional way of checking oil heat used by my grandmother. 

Happy cooking! 
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