Professional Kitchenware from Mycookingstory (MCS)'s Giler Giler Sale and Unboxing video


How are you feeling? I am not so well because there have been so many changes lately in our lifestyle. It is a very challenging time for all of us with schools closed, new norms of wearing masks, the social distancing and being "Stay home, Stay safe". As a person who loves going out to shopping malls for window shopping, well, I have to change now. It is time now to just do my window shopping at home by browsing at online sales. 

Sales, yes Giler Giler Sale by Mycookingstory (MCS) is here! It starts on 23 November and ends on 31 December 2020. There are discounts of over 80%. Kitchenware, such as glass containers, casserole, flasks are on special offer now! Check out the website for more details, ya.


Mycookingstory (MCS) is a site having all types of professional kitchenware from Food Preparation, Cooking, Baking & serving, food storing. The founders, Khalid Gibran and Gary Chin are on a mission to bring proper kitchen wares from manufacturers direct to customers so that every household are able to afford professional kitchenware at affordable prices. Great, isn't it!


 Not only this, MCS is also a site for those who loves recipes. Yes, recipes of all genres from simple easy ones to those from different countries. There are cooking stars at Mycookingstory churning out all sorts of recipes weekly. So what is there to wait, just check out the mycookingstory site , yeah. 

Year end is a time for festive mood of giving and sharing. This Giler Giler Sale from mycookingstory has a number of nice kitchenware that can be packed as gifts. For gifts, You can never go wrong in Kitchenware because it can be used at home in the kitchen. So it is also not a waste of money especially in this adverse times. 

Here are the items on  Giler Giler Sale :

  Neo Vent Combo 

French Bull Thermo Flask comes in a set of two

A set of two Ovenware 

Champage Glass - 6 pcs

Red Wine Glass

White wine glass 

A few items that I myself are going to buy are the Neo Vent glass containers, French Bull double walled vacuum flasks which is of branded design, red wine glass and ovenware. French Bull Thermo flask are designed by a designer that is New York based and she is a former designer for Tommy Hilfiger! 

The wine glasses are very nice, especially the red wine glass that is so big that it is not only for drinking wine but with some creativity, we can use it to serve pudding, mousse, parfait or jelly. It can also be a decorative glass 

Red Chia Seed Jelly

Small stones and cactus inside!

Here's a video and description products of this Giler Giler Sale

Please click the link for purchase:

Remember to use promo code : MCSAuntyMei on check out for another 10% discount on all items!

Happy Shopping! Happy New Year! Merry Christmas!

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