5 Color Vegetarian Dish - What's a pineapple doing here?

Stay Safe, Stay Home! Yes, also its Stay Healthy!
I am going nuts nowadays of staying home! So, how to occupy ourselves, especially for retirees and elder folks? 
Home cooking, baking and tidying up our homes are some of the activities for us. Yup, its therapy for seniors. 

Pineapples has been my mother's favorite fruit to add into dishes. I did not really like it maybe because of the hassle of cutting out the eyes. And also with the acidity and after taste it left on my tongue puts me off when I was a teenager. But now, with the trend for more healthy food, I am starting to add pineapples into my intake of fruits and vegetables.  

What are the goodness in a Pineapple?
The goodness of pineapples are plenty such as vitamins, antioxidant, nutrients, and helps in digestive system. I am especially attracted to the group of enzymes called bromelain in the pineapples. It is said that bromelain in pineapples can stimulate cell death in certain cancer cells and thus reduce risk of cancers.
Pineapples are in season now, with so many varieties in the market such as Josapine, Moris, Sarawak, Yankee, MD2 and Gandul. The prices now can be as low as RM2 per fruit. 

Check out this Cooking with Aunty Mei video on dishing up a colorful plate of vegetables.

The Ingredients are just 5 types:

1. A bowl of straw mushrooms (around 200 g) 2. 2 pieces of hard tauhu ( pressed soya bean curd) 3. 2 pieces of red chili ( can use red bell pepper) 4. A slice of pineapple 5. A stalk of spring onions

This is a versatile dish that where you can change or add the vegetables to any other type you like such as asparagus, long beans, French beans, bell peppers....

So, let's eat more pineapples and try this colorful stir-fry vegetables with pineapple dish!
Happy Cooking at home!
Stay Safe, Stay Home! ^-^

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  1. pineapple is amazing and I surprize by the way it appears in the vegetarian dish. Thank for sharing to duck life