Sweeds Cafe Western Food in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

"Let's go for some Western food this time," my girl said. "Okay, this Sweeds Cafe looks good lah, let's go!" So off we went to get our nom-noms last weekend. This cafe was situated among the rows of shops at the far end of Cheras! Ha-ha, yes I am from the southern end of Kuala Lumpur, so initially I thought it was a bit too far. Luckily, with the many new highways built in Klang Valley now, it was with ease that we could travel to Sweeds Cafe in Mahkoda Cheras.  

The menu here at Sweeds Cafe is extensive, featuring both Western and with a touch of local cuisine. The promotional set lunch offer was good and affordable and it comes with free drinks. 

I get to taste 3 different types of lunch set menu here, that is Garlic Chicken Spaghetti (sizzling), Black Pepper Chicken Spaghetti (sizzling), and Butter Chicken Rice. 

Sizzling Garlic Chicken Spaghetti

My favourite from this set lunch is the Garlic Chicken Spaghetti (sizzling). Why? Because the flavors of garlic are just right and chicken meat is tender and not overcooked. Garlic is good for health as it has antioxidant properties, as well as minerals which are good for our health. If we just take garlic pills, our breath will give a pungent smell of garlic, so why not just go for a plate of this garlic chicken spaghetti? Oh yes for those who do not like spaghetti, there is also the rice version, that is Garlic Chicken Rice. 

Sizzling Black Pepper Chicken Spaghetti

If you like a little more spiciness, I highly recommend the Black Pepper Chicken Spaghetti (sizzling). This plate comes with enough oomph of black pepper, so much so that I can taste the spiciness of the pepper. Suitable for black pepper lovers as the flavors are authentic. My girl likes it very much here. Well, for traditional Malaysians who are rice lovers, of course, there is the rice version here too, the Black Pepper Chicken Rice set.

Butter Chicken Rice

Butter Chicken Rice here has a butter sauce laced with local spices so that it is more fragrant. The consistency of the sauce has just the right creamy thickness. As a typical Chinese who loves hot food, I like taking it while is hot too. Most youngsters and butter lovers would love this dish. 

Fried Fish Perch with Cheese Sauce

Fish with Cheese Sauce, I say this is an East meets West dish! Yeah, Perch fish was fried lightly, and then the creamy cheese sauce was poured over it. Mashed potato here is delicious with mushroom sauce over it. Accompanied by fresh greens and corn, this is a must-try for those who like western food.

Sizzling Combo set 1

For families who like seafood and varieties, this Sizzling Combo set 1 is suitable for you. The two large shrimps are seasoned well and topped with a delicious sauce. The octopus is ccoked to right right temperature so that it is not too chewy. There is a big piece of chicken here here, topped with brown sauce enough for family sharing. The greens here are broccoli and a piece of corn at the side. I highly recommend this dish for a family as the combination of seafood here is perfect with a delectable taste. 

The interior is brightly lit and decorated with vibrant colors. Suitable for occasions such as birthday parties, events and celebrations.

This corner is good for taking Instagram photos and social media posting photos too

Sweeds Cafe
41-G, Jalan Temenggung 21/9, 
Bandar Mahkota Cheras, 43200 Cheras, 
Selangor,  Malaysia. 

Tel: 0103807547

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sweedscafe1

Google Map location of Sweeds Cafe here

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