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Have you heard of KindMeal? KindMeal is the world's 1st meat-free lifestyle platform for anyone, irregardless of age, gender or financial status, to save lives anywhere, anytime. Without requiring any effort, time or money. In fact, we can even SAVE money via KindMeal! Sounds too good to be true right? 

KindMeal is founded by that advocates for animal welfare. The purpose of KindMeal is to save lives with delicious meals! Unless you are a vegetarian or vegan, most of us are taking the lives of animals every single day. These animals can be chickens, lambs, cows, ducks, pigs or fishes, are equally precious lives and they deserve our kindness and compassion as much as our beloved pets too!

Hence, KindMeal collaborate with restaurants and cafes to offer attractive meat-free deals and cozy environments because who doesn't love good food and great bargains! The restaurant need not to be strictly vegetarian, as long as the deals and food they promote on KindMeal are meat-free. Diners can enjoy meat-free meals conveniently at their existing favorite restaurants!

In order to try out KindMeal, I decided to try out the meal deals from TiPsy Brew O' Coffee located at Setiawalk, Puchong. Since I will be having my dinner with my sister, this meal deal which cater for two people is the best choice for us! In order to get DOUBLE DISCOUNT saving, all we need is to share this meal deal on our social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. 

Since it was my birthday that day, I decided to add-on a slice of cake to celebrate my birthday with my sister! I also get DOUBLE DISCOUNT saving for my slice of cake too by sharing it on Twitter. One of the good thing about KindMeal is getting and using the deal coupons are extremely simple as it only takes ONE single click on the button! There are no need for online payment, advance planning, coupon printing or even reservation! How awesome is that?

After saving the coupons in KindMeal app on my phone, off we go to Setiawalk for my birthday dinner! TiPsy Brew O' Coffee is a cozy little coffee house with great ambience. A nice place for people who like to stop by for a relaxing coffee break session or hang-out place for friends and family. 

Lots of coffee related decorations can be seen around the shop. There are sofa provided for people who like to lazy around on it and proper dining table and chair for people who would came for a proper meal. Magazines are provided as well for you to enjoy a full coffee relaxation session. 

Information on various types of coffee preparation methods are described on the wall. I never knew that there are so many different types of methods we can use to prepare a coffee! These information are great for people like me who doesn't know a thing about coffee!

After settle down in one of the cozy corner in the cafe, I showed my coupons to the waitress. I think I'm the first to use KindMeal in their cafe, hence they have some troubles verifying the coupons. Lucky the boss was around and everything settled in a breeze. We also add-on a set of chicken pie from their menu as our appetizer. 

Chicken pie is really good! The skin is crispy thin and it has a huge amount of chicken filling inside. According to the waitress, the chicken pie is hot selling item and usually it sold out by the end of the day. Great appetizer to start our dinner!

Our KindMeal coupon consists of a complete set of meal for 2! 
2 x Hot Tea / Long Black Coffee
1 x  Vegetable Supreme Sandwich
1 x Classic Aglio Olio
1 x Bowl of Mix Fresh Fruits with Greek Yogurt 

To be honest, I would never order a vegetable sandwich when I eat out because I never find it  appealing to me before. But not anymore! I never thought a vegetable sandwich can taste so good and delicious! The ingredients in between the breads are brinjals, cucumbers, cheese, tomatoes, lettuces, and capsicums. I don't know why but the flavours oddly mix well together! I never really like the texture of the brinjals and it was my least favourite food but when you put it inside the bread, somehow it taste really good with it.

My sister had the Classic Aglio Olio and it came in a huge portion! I shared some of it with her and it taste really good. Something that is not too heavy and it is really suitable match for the combination of this set of meal. 

The bowl of fresh fruits consists of kiwis, oranges, apples, watermelons and grapes, and it came with a dip of greek yogurt. I  never had greek yogurt before as it is quite expensive to buy. Greek yogurt has a distinctive sour taste and it goes well with the sweet fruits.

My second coupon is my birthday dessert: Toffee Banana cake with a plum tea! The fluffy sponge cake is layered with banana and Toffee cream. I can taste the bits and pieces of toffee in between the layers too! Great taste and combination!

Overall, I had great experience using KindMeal! It helps to reduce my meat intake and practice healthy eating habits. Since KindMeal provide deals that are value for money, hence no more complains that eating healthy meals are expensive! I would definitely try out KindMeal deals for other restaurants and cafe again!

KindMeal profile is the cutest profile I have ever seen. You will earn experience points whenever you use a deal, post a picture moment, have interaction with other KindMeal users or post on social media. Experience points helps to level up your superhero character. As you can see I am currently at Level 3 Hulk! Rawr! As you earn more experience points, you will move on to a different superhero characters. Besides that, KindMeal also showed you how many lives you have saved too as a KindMeal superhero! Now let's us go forth and save lives as superhero!

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TiPsy Brew O' Coffee
C-07-G, Persiaran Wawasan,
47160 Pusat Bandar Puchong,
Opening hours: 
Tuesday - Friday : 11am - 11pm
Saturday - Sunday : 9.30am - 11pm
Tel: 03-58790790

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