Hainanese Chicken Chop @Sin Bee Chew, Butterworth

Wanna try authentic Hainanese Chicken chop? Try it at Sin Bee Chew Restaurant, this unassuming restaurant in Butterworth which is usually full. So much so that when I told them I am going to write a blogpost, the answer is "No, No, please, no." Most restaurant would welcome more exposure or advertisements but, it's the reverse here!

Chicken Chop is served in many different ways by different chefs. We can also get Hainanese chicken chop at another well known chain, the Tappers Cafe.

Sin Bee Chew Restaurant has a history dated back to about 45 years ago and shifted to this present site from the original premise near the seaside and jetty. The former premise had since been torn down to make way for development. 

Hainanese chicken chop is a speciality of Hainan chefs. Heard that Hainanese Chicken Chop is a British Colonial legacy. I was surprised when my friend told me that most Hainanese food is halal. How come? Story has it that in the olden days, chefs serving in the palaces of  the Sultans in Malay Peninsula are originally Chinese Muslims who came from Hainan Island. No wonder I see so many Hainanese menu being listed in halal restaurants such as Hailam Mee and "Nasi Hailam" 

This Hainanese Chicken Chop , is also recommended by Ho Jiak Asian Food Series, local Malaysian TV food series.  At Sin Bee Chew Restaurant, the chicken is crispy and sauce is made using tomato ketchup, worcester sauce, tomatoe slices, potato chips and peas.

This is a Halal Restaurant, and was full everyday, especially during lunch time. Sin Bee Chew Restaurant is a very popular place for office workers from the government offices, the local district offices, and many others.

My friend, Lee Hong, took me here for dinner when I was in Butterworth.  I was  surprised she kept checking time on her watch. Then she told me that it's because this Sin Bee Chew restaurant closes early. We reach there at 7.20 pm, and by 8.00pm sharp I can see them pulling the grills shut... Not even a minute later. Fantastic! Business must be too good or maybe they are too tired? 

Other popular menus in this Sin Bee Chew Restaurant are Hainanese Fried Mee Hoon. There are two types, the wet type or the dry fried mee hoon. Since I am used to the dry type, I ordered the wet fried mee hoon for a change. 

My brother-in-law told me that the Hainanese fried mee hoon is different from other types of fried mee hoon. How? "Oh, they don't put in bean-sprouts (taugeh)" he said.

Another more popular dish is the fried rice. 

Sin Bee Chew Restaurant has many other menus for cooked dishes that can accompany with rice (Tai Chow). I was told that the fried black pomfret fish (ikan bawal hitam) is a must try here.

Hmm.. pricing here is also reasonable with the chicken chop at RM10.00 a plate. But please take note of the opening business hours. So, if you are going to Penang, why not stop by this Sin Bee Chew Restaurant restaurant to taste authentic Hainanese Chicken Chop.

No. 11-A, Lorong Bagan Luar 3,
12000, Butterworth,
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Telephone: +604 - 3332928
Business Hours:
 Monday - Friday : 12 - 2.45pm and 5.00 - 8.00 pm
Closed on Saturday and Sunday. 

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