Night of Fright 3 @ Sunway Lagoon

October month is the most anticipated month for all the horror enthusiasts! Malaysia's first fright festival is back again with Night of Fright 3: Festival of Fear! Three times the fear, three times the chaos! Night of Fright: Festival of Fear started since 2013 and it is pack with awesome horror activities. It is one of the premier horror festival in Malaysia. I always wanted to try out Night of Fright but I am too scared to go alone. Thanks to Go Communications, I managed to get free passes to try the most anticipated Night of Fright 3 in Sunway Lagoon!

During the month of October, a part of Sunway Lagoon will be cordon off for Night of Fright 3. New mazes and new horror houses have been added to the list, such as Death Port, Toxic, Escape from Pudu 2, Kevil Hill and Sadako Dori. The decorations for the Night of Fright 3 are intense! Dimly lit surrounding and creepy decors really hype up the fear in the park!


The park is filled with all kinds of crazy freaks led by Mr Chaos and his bride, Japanese slit-mouthed woman, Pirate Jack, The Frozen Dead of Kevil Hill, chainsaw wielding maniacs, plus giant zombies, vampires and a terrifying troupe of characters roaming the grounds, and surrounds in and out of the attractions. The freaks will suddenly appear behind you or some might even whispers into you ears. I got quite a few scares from them as well!

With the intensified scary surrounding, it really excites me to enter the haunted house and mazes. I had a mixed feeling of fear and excitement when I entered into the haunted house. I realised that being the first of the line would be the least scariest compared to being in the middle or last of the line. The freaks and ghosts will often jump out to frighten those in the middle and the last of the line. 

Apart from the haunted house and mazes, a face painting booth and tarot card reading booth are available for the people for free. Lots of people queue up form the face painting and it looks really realistic! I even mistook some of the visitors as the freaks! The tarot reading looks really interesting and I intended to try it but did not have the chance to due to too many attractions to visit!

Besides that, some of the amusement rides are available during Night of Fright 3 such as Tomahawk, Wagon Wheel, Pirate's Revenge, Scream Coaster, Vultures and many more. In the centre of the park, there is a Carnival of Chaos where Mr. and Mrs. Chaos will be there on stage to take pictures with the visitors. Various types of dances will be performed by the freaks at every hour. The last performance on that day was Fire Breathing dance. A group of professional fire breathers showcase their expertise in controlling the fire and each of them have their own forte. 

Overall we had a great time in Night of Fright 3! It was the most exciting and interesting horror festival I have ever been to. I am excited to go again next year! Since it is an outdoor activities with some indoor attractions, it is important to stay hydrated at all times. Wear loose and comfortable clothing because you might sweat if there are no winds. Certain rides might close if it is raining on that day. Hence, look at the weather forecast first before going to Night of Fright 3!

Night of Fright 3 is only available for a limited time in the month of October! With the ongoing promotions, you can get the ticket at RM45 per pax! 

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