Holding on to old things or Old is Gold? Are you willing To Throw Away old things? Recycle? Frugal?


See the holes and the threading on the metal frames? These are the ones that came out because the threads have worn out and torn.  All these are 5-18 years old. 

Clutter? Messy? Neat? Tidy? Hoarding? Frugal? Well, which category are you in? I read in the newspaper last month about a lady who kept all things in her house for over 20 years until its like rubbish over flowing outside her house compound. Neighbors complain, as it seems pest, insects, mosquitoes and flies has become bothersome to them. But to her it may be just her normal way of life. Hmm...for most of us, it won't be until this stage, right? But, I am sure most people did do some sort of hoarding, right? It maybe your favourite toy, comic book, clothes, shoes, accessories, mobile phones, cutleries well the list may go on and on. Please comment below if you know of people who hoard some kind of unique items.

“Consuming less means throwing away less, while reusing things actually helps to save the planet as well as the pennies.” — Sheherazade Goldsmith

Why do people keep stuffs? There are many reasons from sentimental to just a simple I don't know what to do with it, right? This is the list I found from a Psychology website: 

- I may need it some day

- someone else may need it

-don't waste

- don't know where to begin

- sentimentality

- they are all very valuable or may become valuable some day

- overwhelmed

- not ready, waiting for the right time

- fear of letting go

- Procrastination : waiting for the right time to clear

This 18 years old Chinese Wok has lost an ear (handle), but other than that its still useable.

Yes, yours truly feels this way too and above are most of my valid reasons. I am not ashamed to say that my storeroom is cluttered with antiques, new purchases and also a lot of recyclable bags which I might need one day! Ha-ha, yes these are the things which are very useful, right? I may just need a recycle bag whenever I go shopping as now malls and supermarkets don't give out free plastic bags. So, I am going to save 20 cents for a plastic bag and help save our earth and lessen the usage of plastics, agree?

Just have to remember to bring them along when going out shopping!

High time to throw away, but there can be one last use yet, right? Ha-ha. 

Common items like clothes, bags and shoes

Clothes is another item that is filling up my wardrobe. This is so pretty, this is an expensive one, this still looks new, this one is the one I worn on my daughter's wedding so its too memorable to be taken out to be donated to others. The best one is the ones "it is now a size or two smaller, but well, I am going on diet now so surely I can fit into it in a few months time!" right? I think ladies would concur with this thought. (see, I use the word 'thought' instead of 'reason' or 'excuse') But does that few months later ever happen? I think it has been a year now, ha-ha. How many of you are in the same predicament as me? Especially now, with the pandemic, staying at home, more cooking and more eating, I have put on more weigh and well my beautiful clothes are still  hanging there waiting for me. 

How about getting it glued back? Oh yes have done that twice already ^-^

Shoes, yes, shoes have a very special way making you loving it the longer you wear it. Agree? Yes, I always find out that the shoes that have worn out with torn sides and soles, but they are the most comfortable ones at this moment, right? And of course its too precious to be thrown away! Breaking in new shoes takes time, and when it finally does, why does it have to be worn out so fast? I wonder. Who else is in this same predicament as me? 


Umbrellas (or brollies) is another item! Yes, why do they have to become spoilt so fast? The metal mechanism is ok, but the shade can't open out, and sometimes, it will turn upside down especially when you're in the middle of a heavy down pour. After checking I found that the threads became loose and torn out for most of my umbrellas, I have reattached the thread over and over again to the metal frame. Not just once, but quite a number of times, as you can see here. These are my umbrellas that has been with me for over 5-18 years!

See the holes and the threading on the metal frames? These are the ones that came out because the threads have worn out and torn.  All these are 5-18 years old. 
“The purpose – where I start – is the idea of use. It is not recycling, it’s reuse.” — Issey Miyake

Well, I am sure everyone got some favorite item which are precious to them. It may not be precious to others though. Anyway ...... I don't know, its  just the feeling of not wanting to throw it out, right? Your old comic books that you read as a child, oh yes there's still boxes of them in the storeroom of attic, right? Accessories, jewelries, cute empty make up sample bottles, old stamp collections, old coins, foreign coins, cute package boxes, cute beautifully shaped bottles and many others. Of course, it is a hobby to some, but it seems like trash or useless things to others. And have you ever thought what will become of it when you die? Who would share the same hobby with you, especially your children or younger generation? Oh yes, its like NO EYE SEE THEN, right? So let them do whatever they want? So ..... maybe you can share some of your opinions in the comments below. 

 Lastly, here's a beautiful quote on Frugality:

“Frugality is one of the most beautiful and joyful words in the English language, and yet one that we are culturally cut off from understanding and enjoying. The consumption society has made us feel that happiness lies in having things, and has failed to teach us the happiness of not having things.”
― Elise Boulding

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  1. I love the quote by Elise Boulding! It is really profound, and true, of course. I plead guilty of being a hoarder for sentimental reasons. One of my yearly resolutions is to get rid of clutter and to not visit the 'ringgit' store. The temptation to buy more is huge nowadays especially with the many online shopping platforms offering cute stuff at incredibly low prices. 😅

    1. Thank you! I think we hoarders are a sentimental lot. Isn't this a good virtue of human nature? hehe...