Dead Sea, Jordan, had an awesome time there!

Trip to Dead Sea, Jordan

I went for a tour in Jordan in December 2011. I visited the Dead Sea!

Dead Sea is in the Jordan Valley and 55 km southeast of Amman. It is  one of the most spectacular natural and spiritual landscapes in the whole world. It is the lowest body of water on earth, the lowest point on earth, and the world's richest source of natural salts, hiding wonderful treasures that accumulated throughout thousands of years. 
It is at 394.6 m (1269 ft) below sea level, the lowest point in the world . 

Happily posing for photos..........
 Had so much fun there. Before going into the sea, we can put mud on our face... It's mud mask! So we got free mud facial. After that we stood in the sun for the mud to dry, but I was too excited and too impatient to wait. I was the first to quickly jump into the sea. 

Free mud taken from the sea.
It's rich with more than 26 minerals. 
Dead sea mud contains nutrients that will brighten the skin and make it healthier

Every one wasted no time, rushing towards the few different stations and started to apply this free super duper awesome mask!!!!

Floating naturally in Dead Sea!

"I am actually about 400 m below sea level. The lowest point on earth, unbelievable!"  
The feeling was euphoria, awesome! I can float!! We (my friends in the same tour group) were all shouting, laughing and enjoying. Lying, floating in the water, with feet up in the air, hehe. Oh, I tried to dip my head into the water, and OMG! water gets into my eyes. Its very, very very salty and my eyes felt like burning. My lips are also burning with pain because my lips were cracked due to all the earlier travelling (about 4 days) in the desert.. 

Bearing the pain, I tried to stay as long as possible in the dead sea, which is about 15 minutes. Whatever, its really a fantastic experience!!!!

It is quite a distance walking to the sea

Had a whale of time. Everyone tried to stay in the sea as long as possible :)

I hope I can go again, and this time I will stay longer and try some stunts in the water ^-^ !

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