Nihon Kai Japanese Restaurant @ Old Klang Road

Tuck in the corner along Old Klang Road and just on the fringe of Taman Desa, there is this Japanese restaurant that is packed everyday. A very good friend brought me here recently for the sumptuous treat. Actually, I was not aware of the existence of this very popular restaurant despite passing by everyday and have worked in this area for 4 years.  Maybe because it can't be seen from Old Klang Road as we have to turn left into Jalan Telok Gadong before Shell petrol station on 3 1/2 mile Old Klang Road.

I heard that the food here are reasonably priced. So, let's see, Nihonkai Sp Maki is made up of assorted raw fish and vegetables wrapped in vinegared rice and seaweed. This dish of six big pieces cost only RM16.

I love soft shell crab and would order it in all the Japanese Restaurants I went to. So, I was surprised that a plate of three soft shell crabs here just cost RM16.00.
The prices of sushi start from RM3 or RM4 per piece.
There are many types of sashimi available

I was attracted to the pictures on the menu for Temaki (California Rolls). It looks so elegant sitting on a this plate like set with two holes at the side. As we all know, presentation plays an important role for food.

Therefore without hesitation, we ordered two Temaki. But, when our two Temaki came, it was just lying down on a plate as shown below. It was not as shown in the menu because they said the picture on the menu was long ago.

The Mixed tempura taste crispy and delicious. This mixed tempura is RM17.00.

I was told the fish head is very nice. Normal Salmon fish head called Shake Atama cost RM16.00. But my friend, Janet ordered a better fish head called Hamachi Atama which is more expensive that is RM38.00. This Hamachi Atama is cooked in Teriyaki sauce as shown below.

As Malaysians, we can't do without rice. "The garlic rice here is lovely and tastes real good" said Janet. Ok, so this bowl of garlic rice does really taste good and is only RM3.00 per bowl.

Our green tea came in this set of special teapot and cups. Sauces are placed on the table already. Other sauces such as wasabi, pickled ginger came with the dishes. When we requested for extras, we were told that there will be extra charge.

There are more seating capacity upstairs. There are individual rooms and we were lucky to be able to get the small tiny room of for just 3 pax. It is just a cute room, Japanese seating style where we can put our leg inside the hole below the table!
Picture below shows the waitress thinking hard, trying to recommend us the dishes. Good personalised service! 
There are lots of books and magazines on the book rack at both sides of the door upstairs.

Nihonkai Japanese Restaurant
No. 4-2, Jalan Telok Gadong,
Off Jalan Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: +603 79823668
Business Hour: Lunch 12pm -3pm
                          Dinner 6pm -10pm

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