Taipei Taipei Taiwan Restaurant @Setiawalk, Puchong

Taipei is the capital of  Taiwan. My uncle lives in Taiwan, so naturally I am curious about this restaurant called Taipei Taipei. I was at SetiaWalk on Friday and saw a that they had a 20% opening discount.
Mr. Lim, the manager of this branch is a friendly man. He is very persuasive so much so that I finally gave in and went into Taipei Taipei for my lunch. I am also attracted by the colorful lanterns inside.

For their promotional set meals including rice or mee and drinks, they have three choice of dishes which cost RM49.90 for 2 pax, four dishes plus a salad at RM99.90 for 4 pax and four dishes plus Dried Bean Curd Salad (Taiwanese Dressing) for six pax at RM149.90. I ordered set A as shown in the picture below.
I wanted mee but was told that there is no stock at the moment. Huh? Feeling a bit disappointed, I have to settle for the rice. The braised Pork rice comes as a surprising mix of some minced meat, vegetables and a piece of tauhu. Good.

Taipei Taipei is a Taiwanese Teahouse of  pork chops. This Fried Pork Ribs is soft, meaty and fried with just the right temperature. Delicious! All meat eaters especially Pork Ribs lovers must not miss this!
Soy-Stewed Pork contains a mixture of pork belly meat, tauhu and boiled egg. Again I would say this dish is cooked to perfection. The meat is tender and there is no thick thick layers of fat. The gravy tastes nice with the right consistency, and do not have a layer of fat oil on top.
Halogen Cabbage appears like a bowl of boiled vegetables. Personally, I do not like cabbages so initially I was a bit skeptical of this dish. 
After eating half way through, I found out that, oh, there is something else in it. There is this piece of stewed fried pork skin and also a piece of salted fish! So, this is how the halogen cabbage taste so nice!
This small sauce of chilli is so cute. The taste is not so spicy. I like the small anchovy (ikan bilis) just sitting on top.
The name of Taiwan Retrospective Black tea lead my imagination to a type of black, bitter Chinese tea. Therefore, I have to ask Mr. Lim for a brief description of the taste. He assured me that it is not bitter and I can ask for more sugar to be added if I find it bitter. Anyway, this drink came out not so black and tastes just like the normal "leong-shui" (chinese herbal tea) with some sweetness.
Jasmine green tea is the glass on the right in the above picture. What do you think? It looks like a glass of beer, yellow and frothy on top.
The decorative colorful lanterns
The menu for set meals

This is a typical Chinese restaurant specializing in pork dishes. Pork lovers must go check it out. Personally, prices may be a bit on high side but given the ambiance and location it may still be considered reasonable.

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