How to stop crows from fishing in my fish pond.

Do crows do fishing? I have a fish pond on my porch. Every morning I feed my fishes and realized the crows are always around on my fence and rooftop making a lot of noise. Sometimes my water fountain in the pond has shifted. Also the bigger fishes seems to be hiding. Only smaller fishes and fish fry are swimming on top.

Oh dear! I noticed some bird shit along the fence wall. So these crows have been coming to do fishing in my fish pond. Yes they do fishing! Check out at some stories about them at this Site

I have to do something about it! But I can't make them angry as crows are intelligent birds.
Let me tell you a real story of what happened to my friends. My friend and his group of men friend take morning walks everyday. There are a lot of crows and one man just can't stand the noise the crows made. So he light up a firecracker (since it is Chinese New Year season) and threw the fire cracker at the crows. The crows all flew away. The next day while this group of men were taking their usual morning walk, a big group of crows came flying towards them making a lot of noise. They flew overhead in circles.  Then they specially flew towards one man's head and pack at his head. That's the same man who threw the firecrackers at them!. See, crows can remember what you do to it and recognize exactly which person. They are so highly intelligent that they can even come back to take revenge on you!

A friend suggested covering the top of my fish pond with wires. So, we drill some holes in PVC pipe and stick it together to make a circle. Then poke curve metal (aluminium) rods above it. Result, the fish pond is covered on top.
 But the crows are still coming..... Sometimes the decorations above are shifted.
Something has to be done. We must break the flight of the crows. Normally, it would fly to the fence and sit on the wall before zooming in. To stop its flight, a wire is tied on top of the fence.

But it can still fly in directly straight in. I hang a PVC pipe with lots of fishing string from the ceiling. Hoping that it can't see the fishing string of translucent color. These strings will then entangle its wings if it try to fly through.

Hmm..m...m.... so far so good. Then I planted some money plant around it. This is just for some decoration, otherwise people passing by may think why do I hang a pipe there.

Money plant ( scientific name Epipremnum aureum) is easy to grow and does not need much care. According to Feng Shui, money plant is considered lucky for the house. Read more at Tips to grow money plant. Let's hope it will bring some luck and money into my house as I am a pensioner.

Now, my fishes and the fish fry can swim happily in this outdoor fish pond in my porch.
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  1. I love this story & am going to try this on my pond

    1. Hi Neenscene, Thank you for reading my blog. The crows have given up and has not appeared since then. I hope it works for you too. Cheers


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