Claypot Station Restaurant

Healthy food with no MSG, sounds too good to be true for people eating out. Most people would say eating out too often is not good for health because there's too much preservatives, coloring, MSG and chemicals. Well, be rest assured, there are restaurants now offering healthy food.
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Claypot Station Restaurant in Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, (near Sunway Giza) is doing just that. There is no MSG added and the taste of the food is simply delicious, aromatic and authentic.
The best part is vouchers are now being sold at Living social at 50% discount. At only RM22.00, one can get a satisfying and filling dinner of three dishes, with tea and three plates of rice included.

Fa Tiu Claypot Chicken has the aromatic flavour of Fa Tiu wine. The gravy tastes delicious and although it is dark in color, I do not detect the bitterness that normally comes with dark soya sauce. This is one of the more popular dish. According to Mr. Siang Khoo, the boss of this restaurant, he personally imports the wine directly from China.

Pieces of chicken given in this Fa Tiu Claypot dish is reasonably big and meaty. This restaurant has been around for about six years and this signature dish is also of the same age. So please do not miss this heavenly dish.

I strongly recommend the Claypot Tofu because the tofu is unique. The skin is crispy and after one bite, I can feel the soft springy tofu inside. I was wondering what type of tofu they use; Japanese Tofu? Local square ones? Well, Mr. Khoo answered my curiosity. He said they made their own tofu from scratch, buying high quality soya beans, grinding and making the original tofu pieces on their own. No wonder!
For the choice of vegetables, I choose Fried Kangkong with Sambal. As we all know, this dish varies considerably from restaurant to restaurant. Being a Nyonya, I have tasted this dish in many restaruants. I give it a thumbs up here as the kangkong is fried to perfection retaining it's crunchiness. The taste of belacan blends well into with the sambal and spicyness is just right.

I ordered an extra dish of seafood. Well, for the 3 dishes above it's only RM22.00. So with an additional seafood dish costing RM18.90, the total bill comes to only RM40.90 for 3 persons dinner. This is cheap! (especially in Kuala Lumpur)

Here I choose Kam Heong Lala. I am delighted with this dish because the lala is succulent meaning it wasn't fried too long until all dried up. Moreover, there is Lala flesh in every shell! At some other places we eat, normally my daughter and I will be just picking up more empty shells and we will be fighting for the flesh!

The Must try signature dishes here are Hot and spicy Soup (pork stomach), Sour Vinegar  Pork Leg and of course the Fa Tiu Claypot Chicken. Mr. Khoo added that their pepper is bought directly from Sarawak.
The menu gives a wide variety of dishes from single rice plate set costing only RM6.90 such as Sweet and sour fish fillet rice, Butter cream Chicken Rice, Black pepper Chicken/Pork rib Rice and many others. Seafood menu is very enticing especially the 2 style grouper which I will definitely go back to try.

There is ample seating place in this Claypot Station restaurant. As it is a corner lot, outdoor seating is also possible. 

Sample of menu and the choices available for those who buy vouchers from Living Social which costs only RM22.00 after the 50% discount. The advantage for this restaurant is we do not have to do a day or two earlier booking so we just can go anytime we like. This is an amazing and worthwhile deal from Living social!

Claypot Station Restaurant
No. 23-1, Jalan PJU 5/12, 
Dataran Sunway, PJU 5, 
Kota Damansara, 47810
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-61481030

Business Hours:
Daily: 11.00am - 3.30pm
           5.30pm - 11.00pm

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