Two Pesos Malaysia, SS2 Branch, Petaling Jaya

"Let's go to Two Pesos!" My daughter Selina told me last Sunday. "Pesos? I don't want Pesos, I am going for a holiday but it's not Philippines"  I answered. As we all know, Pesos is the name of the currency of Philippines. It originates from Spain and until today some former Spanish Colonies still use Peso as their currency. For example, countries using Pesos are Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Uruguay, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Philippines.

"No, I mean Two Pesos Malaysia steamboat restaurant in SS2, Petaling Jaya, Selangor" answered Selina. So, off we went to review this restaurant in SS2, Petaling Jaya.

This Two Pesos Taiwan mini steamboat openned on the 25 August 2014.  It is the first branch in Malaysia, after having 50 branches in Taiwan. Why the name Two Pesos? Because Pesos is the currency in Philippines something like our two ringgit only, thus somewhat meaning it is like very cheap. There is also a love story behind this  restaurant. The story started with the two co-owners who were having midlife crisis. So happened both went to Philippine for a holiday. Coincidentally they met each other there and fell in love. So after they went back to Taiwan and they decided to open a steamboat restaurant with the name Pesos.

Mongolian Herbs Pot 

The menu of this Taiwan mini steamboat is interesting. It is a set, with a pot of soup, mee, meat and vegetables. The pricing depends on the type of set you choose. First, you choose the type of soup base, then the type of meat preferred (beef or lamb or pork), then either yee mee, meehoon or rice. The bowl of vegetables with fishballs mushrooms, lala, crab stick, tauhu, fuchuk, carrot and pumpkin is standard for all sets.

I like the Mongolian Herbs Pot as this soup of herbs smells nice.  This set costs RM14.00. The corn tastes sweet and crispy, yummy.The shape of this specially designed Mongolian pot is also very authentic.

The Two Pesos Stone Pot costs RM13.50. It is the original soup of this shop. The soup taste is clear, not spicy therefore, suitable for older folks and children. For this pot, the shop assistant will cook for you the meat until medium done. There is a nice aroma of garlic and sesame oil while cooking! After taking out the meat, soup will poured into the pot. Then, it is up to us to cook our own steamboat in this pot. This Two Pesos soup can be refilled on own with jugs of it on the counter.

                                                Two Pesos Stone Pot set with lamb
Milky Seafood Pot is made from specially formulated cream. I can taste a bit of cheesy flavor in it. For people who likes milk and cheese, this unique pot of soup is for you. The size of prawns and fish fillet given is of decent  portion and appropriate to the cost of RM14.00

The Japanese Sukiyaki Pot is my daughter's favourite. It is sweet and full of flavor. We chose rice and beef for this set. It comes with a jug of soup for you to refill. It is RM14.00 per set.

There are other side dishes that can be ordered. The restaurant manager of this Two Pesos Malaysia  recommended Dumplings. It is delicious with the aromatic taste of eggs, mushrooms and vegetable. It is not like some other dumplings that I have tasted which has the heavy smell of meat (pork). A plate of 4 pieces of dumplings costs only RM3.80. It is for us to cook inside our soup together with other vegetables and meat.
The Classic Original Pot and Taiwanese Sacha Pot cost only RM10.00 each. There are the Korean Kimchi Pot, Basu Spicy Pot and others.
Prices of beverages are reasonable, with Passionfruit Ice at RM2.50 and Kochabi Winter Melon Tea also at RM2.50. So, we had 2 glasses of Passionfruit Ice and one Kochabi Winter Melon drink

Self service counter for sauces, spoons, chopsticks and soup.
The shop is beautifully decorated with orange color theme and very well lit.

Two Pesos Malaysia
No. 7, Jalan SS2/67, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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