Vegetarian Cuisine @Be Lohas BMS Organics, I Utama, PJ

Vegetarian cuisine is a healthy food option for me so I will usually try out as many vegetarian restaurants whenever possible when eating out. This is the third time I ate at Be Lohas Healthy Vegetarian Cuisine, with my first experience at Setiawalk, Puchong. I am glad to be able to eat at Be Lohas Healthy Vegetarian Cuisine, 1 Utama branch last Sunday.
Be Lohas Healthy Vegetrian Organic cafe was part of the BMS Organics shop that sells healthy organic vegetarian products since 1997.  Its first cafe was opened in Bandar Puteri, Puchong ten yers later, in 2007.

Be Lohas offered a complete range of menu from rice, noodles, kid's meal, mini bites, set meals, snacks, desserts and even western meals, all fully vegetarian, no meat.
The first set meal we choose is the Soya Curry Claypot with rice set. There are many different types of vegetables and the soup is soya base. Meaning no coconut milk added compared to in most other curries we eat outside. This is in tune with Be Lohas theme of healthy of Four Lows that is low salt, low sugar, low oil and low calories. Therefore the taste of the curry is different from the usual highly spiced ones outside. 
This set of Rainbow Claypot rice is very colorful. It costs RM24.90 a set with 6 side dishes and a drink

The best dish to me is this Traditional Herbal Soup. The soup is just like the meat version of "Bak Kut Teh" soup. Of course there is no meat or "Bak" inside. Total cost RM20.90 includes a bowl of healthy grain brown rice.
Mini vegetarian spring rolls is just like its namesake- small. Personally, I find it not crispy enough maybe because the skin is thick. This dish costs RM8.90.
Eating Soy Cheese stick makes me happy. I am amazed at how simple this dish can be and yet delicious. Well, maybe because the bread is toasted to the correct crispiness and there is a tint os saltiness of the cheese. A well combined culinary taste. Costs RM9.90 for four thin narrow pieces.
If you have four people or more, then I recommend this Summer Fruit tea. It is full of various types of fruits, thus extremely healthy. All the taste of the fruits are well blend in together to make it an authentic tea. A jug cost RM17.90 and good news is, hot water is refillable.

The shop is divided into two with one half as cafe and the other side selling vegetarian organic products. 
BMS Organics 1 Utama had a wide range of various type of organic and vegetarian products for sale.
After having a satisfying sumptuous meal, I went looking around in  BMS Organics section.
Oh, suddenly, I got inspired on vegetarian food. So, I bought some of the dried noodle, biscuits, seaweed tofu and soy grain ham to do some home cook vegetarian meals. Well, now I know where I can stock up my organic vegetarian ingredients, that is from BMS Organics.
Wanna eat vegetarian? Try eating at Be Lohas Healthy Vegetarian Cuisine then as there are 16 outlets in Klang Valley including Seremban.

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