Run For Your Lives Malaysia 2015 @Penang

Run for your lives through zombie infested and obstacles for 5 Km in Botanic Garden, Penang. Run for your lives Malaysia is here. Played video games and watched movies about zombies before? Now, this is real life scenario where you run for your lives going through waves of zombies. 

On Saturday, 16 May, my two girls participated in this Run for Your lives Malaysia because she was lucky to win two free tickets. Exciting and blood chilling! 

Serene and peaceful Botanic Garden in George Town Penang is suddenly invaded by zombies!
Having fun posing as zombies!
Wanna be a zombie in this "Run for your Lives"?
Easy, just wear unwanted clothes here.
Then you will be transformed into zombies free of charge by a group of make up artist at a booth here. 
Woo..o... blood, torn clothes, distorted faces and blown upheaval hair. 
Most "zombies" are very happy to pose for photographs, cool!
The long queues at the starting point. Survivors are released in batches into the wild and zombie infested garden.
This two girls can't decide whether to take part as a survivor or a zombie. After much deliberation, they chose to be survivor because it is cleaner and there is no need for all the makeup.
Each survivor is given 3 lives. It is a long red plastic strip which they will wear around their waist. They will cross obstacles and various zombies waves along the 5 Km run.
The zombies will try to grab the lives (the red strips) as they try to run across. 
Check out this video of how they try to run for their lives and zombies going for their lives.
How many lives did the zombies get from this group?
One of the obstacles along the way... climbing over the fence. More pictures on other obstacles please visit Run for your lives facebook
Some of the stalls and sponsors for this event
Awesome, separate changing rooms available.
Showers are readily available as some obstacle are very muddy
Survivor medal awarded if manage to show that you still have your life with you but if all lives are taken away by zombies you will get "Infected" medal.

For more pictures and details: Please check Run for your Lives Malaysia website here and facebook

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