Uncle K @ Paradigm Mall

I have been walking pass this Uncle K kopitiam umpteen times in Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya and it was usually packed. What's so special? 
I finally get to try it yesterday when I was in Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
There is a wide range of menu from local Malaysian cuisine, Hailamese, Indonesian, Arabic to Western dishes. 

We tried two plates of the Arabic cuisine. First is Khabsah Chicken with rice is RM19.60 as in the photo above. 
Second is Hanith Lamb with rice costing RM22.90. 
The lamb is soft and aromatic when I open up the aluminum foil. (as shown above).
A bowl of TomYam ayam that is Chicken Tomyam without rice is RM11.60.
Vietnamese coffee (hot) comes with a small pot of hot water and the coffee jug on top of the cup where there is milk inside already. My friend did not drink milk, so we asked for a change to an empty cup which they readily do so.
I heard some of the other dishes are good such as Peceh Lele. Uncle K opens also a number of restaurants in Indonesia.
This corner Uncle K Kopitam in Paradigm Mall is spacious and people are seen to be enjoying their meal and chit-chatting away
Uncle K is a Malaysian born restaurant and believes that altough we  peak different languages, dialet and cultures, food and drinks can create the talking point and common ground. When I enquired further at the restaurant, there is this hearsay that Uncle K is Dato' Karim and recently awarded a Tan Sri. Uncle K kopitam has openned in many other places such as Shah Alam, Jaya One, TTDI, KLIA2 and others.

Uncle 'K'
Lot No. GB10, Ground Floor,
Paradigm Mall,
47301, Kelana Jaya

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