Zombie Run malaysia 2015 @ Putrajaya

Zombies are gaining popularity in the recent year with the release of movies, TV series and also events that are related to zombies. Malaysian are also picking up on the zombie trend and many activities related zombies have been organised numerous times in Malaysia. Zombie Run Malaysia 2015 was one of the event that was organised by Festival Belia Putrajaya. 

Festival Belia Putrajaya is run directly by Rakan Muda. Malaysia's best talents amongst youths have been selected as Rakan Muda mentors from a variety of interest - physical, cultural and social enterprise. Festival Belia Putrajaya's theme for 2015 is all about "Showcase of Talent", which coincides with Rakan Muda's new philosophy.

Zombie Run Malaysia is Malaysia's first zombie-infested teamwork experience, where you and your friends will try to make it out of the course intact and breathing to compete for an awesome grand prize. Zombie Run Malaysia is divided into 10 waves that happens from 10am to 10pm. 

(Photo credit: Zombie Run Malaysia facebook)

My team participated in the Zombie Run Malaysia 2015 and we were registered under the 4th wave which is 2pm to 3pm. A silver vest with a life tag is provided and the zombies will be snatching our life tags during the run. This is a 2km obstacles run and we are required to complete the run while avoiding the zombies and passing the obstacles. It was a hard as the terrain was uneven and potholes and ditches are present everywhere in the field. 

(Photo credit: Zombie Run Malaysia facebook)

I fell a numerous times during the run during the run at the obstacles zone and uneven terrain. There is no neutral area at the obstacles zone at all. The zombies will persistently chased you till the obstacles zone and pressured you to jump from a high slope or snatch your life tag while you are at a vulnerable position in the obstacles zone. 

My injuries from the Zombie Run Malaysia at Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia

(Photo credit: Zombie Run Malaysia facebook)

Zombie Run Malaysia also have night waves where the survivors have to run with a low visibility. I believe that the night wave will be very much harder as you can't see clearly where are the zombies and with the uneven terrain, injuries is bound to happen. 

(Photo credit: Zombie Run Malaysia facebook)

(Photo credit: Zombie Run Malaysia facebook)

Although my team lost all of our life tags to the zombies, we still managed get a finisher medal as a token for completing the zombie run. The goodies provided by the Zombie Run Malaysia conatin a Zombie Run Malaysia T-Shirt, four tickets for Backstage Fitness & Dance and two tickets of  "Buy 4 Free 2" for Escape Room. 

Overall, it was a very tough run and I believe that people with good agility will only be able to finish the run. Imagine you need to run continuously for 2km while completing the obstacles and avoiding the zombies at the same time! I really salute those people that can manage win with a life tag at the end of the run. The winning team with the fastest time will receive a prize of four return tickets to either Langkawi, Pulau Redang or Pulau Perhentian. Congratulations to those who won as they really deserve the prize after winning such a hard zombie run!

For more information on Festival Belia Putrajaya, please visit http://festivalbeliaputrajaya.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/festivalbeliaputrajaya

For more information on Zombie Run Malaysia, please visit https://www.facebook.com/ZombieRunMalaysia

Written by Jocelyn, co-writer, Secret spices blog.

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