National Geographic Channel & Petrosains Host Special Screening of T-Rex Autopsy

Dinosaur is the most fascinating animal that we will not have the opportunity to see again in this lifetime. We never know how an actual dinosaur looks like and most of the plastic models we seen in the museum are mold that made from their fossils.

Dinosaurs first appeared during the Triassic period, 231.4 million years ago and Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) is the most ferocious dinosaur at that time. T-Rex is considered to be at the top of the food chain until the extinction event which was triggered by massive comets and asteriods that lead to the extinction of this ferocious dinosaur.

I often wondered how an actual T-Rex looks like as we often have a different interpretations of the looks of this ferocious animal. I finally get to have a real look of this ferocious animal when my sister received an invitation to the special screening of T-Rex Autopsy by National Geographic Channel and Petrosains!

In order to kick off Dino Month on the National Geographic Channel (ASTRO Channel 553), the T-Rex Autopsy is set to premiere on June 14 at 10.00pm, with a special screening event held last week in collaboration with Petrosains at TGV Cinema @ KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.  

We were greeted with this movable life-like T-Rex model when we arrived at Petrosains. The event started with greeting from the Petrosains's Marketing Director, Ms. Shamini Balan. The aim of this collaboration of Petrosains with National Geographic Channel is to help to nurture the curiosity over the fascinating world of science and its valuable contribution to mankind. This collaboration enables Petrosains to make the learning of science, accessible, relevant, engaging and credible. 

Besides having the special screening of T-Rex Autopsy, Petrosains also have a special area Geotime Diorama that showcases realistic models of prehistoric animals and plants and a volcano. Information regarding T-Rex can also be found in Petrosains

Apart from that, Petrosains also organised a contest for the public to participate and the winner will WIN a trip to the Universal Studio Singapore! Just follow the 3 steps below to participate in this contest: 

Step 1: Visit Petrosains at KLCC and take your picture at the National Geographic Photo Booth.
Step 2: "LIKE" the Petrosains Facebook page 
Step 3: Post your photo to Petrosains Facebook page with the details below:
             - Full name
             - Valid admission ticket number / Petrosains Membership Card number
             - Creative photo caption
             - Hashtags: #petrosainscontest #DinoMonthonNGC

Hurry! The contest ends in 29th June 2015.

After that we proceed to TGV Cinema for the National Geographic Channel's new two-hour special screening, T-Rex Autopsy. At 14 metres long, nearly two metres wide and lying lifeless in a specially constructed biology lab, the world's first full-siz, anatomically complete recreation of a Tyrannosaurus Rex awaits dissection. 

This once-in-a-lifetime experiment will offer viewers an unprecedented opportunity to explore questions such as  whether or not T-Rex had feathers; how it fed with tiny arms; whether it was primarily a hunter or scavenger; how it digested food; how old it lived to be; how it procreated; and whether it was warm-blooded like a mammal or cold -blooded like a reptile!

T-Rex Autopsy makes the autopsy experience as realistic as possible although the T-Rex is a man-made model. There will be a lot of "blood" oozes out whenever the surgeon cuts the T-Rex! Personally, it was a very well-made T-Rex and you might think that it is a real autopsy that is happening during the filming! So if you are a fan of all these gruesome scenes, then I suggest that you should watch it as it is very educational and yet exciting at the same time!

If you miss out the premiere of the T-Rex Autopsy on 14 June, you can still catch it every Sunday from 14 June to 12 July at 10pm during this Dino Month. There are also other Dino program such as Dino Death Match, T-Rex: Ultimate Survivor, Biggest Than T-Rex and Top Ten Biggest Beasts Ever which will premiere in National Geographic Channel (ASTRO Channel 553) during this Dino Month. 

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Written by Jocelyn, Co-Author of Secret Spices Blog

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