Chef Nik Michael Imran Cooking demonstration and Foodie Fest @ The Curve

The Curve has turn into a market place of food on 2-4 October 2015 with its Foodie fest: "Taste-Vaganza" theme. Wow, it was a bustling somewhat hawker stall style like at the Curve's Centre Court. A total of 18 stalls took part featuring all local entrepreneurs and so much creativity in their food.

Chef Nik Michael Imran graced the occasion giving a cooking demonstration on Saturday, afternoon. I was glad to be invited to cover this interesting event. This handsome, jovial and attractive chef wows the crowd at the Curve!

Chef torching the Pandan Creme Brulee

 Chef Nik Michael, the MasterChef Malaysia 2011 finalist, has his own food programme in AFC channel called 'Cooking For Love'. Here, at the Curve, Chef whipped up 3 recipes this afternoon that is Caesar Salad, Kari Kapitan and Pandan Creme Brulee.

I had the chance to taste the Pandan Creme Brulee after it was being torched. Awesome... I was able to savour the Brulee made by Chef himself! It was hard on top with the burnt crust, but soft and nice inside. Thank you Chef Nik Michael for giving me the chance to try this Pandan Creme Brulee there at the Curve that afternoon! It is every foodie's dream, being able to taste the food from a famous celebrity chef!

The Curve, Centre Court, has turned into a mini food centre with specially named roads around. There are many stalls selling and introducing their own special brand of food, drinks and ice cream.

There are a few different ice cream stalls around such Sangkaya Ice cream which I have blog about it earlier. (please refer to my blog here). I tried the Macaron ice cream, where we can put any flavour on it by ourself.

I bought the Mango Glutinous Rice because it is my favourite dish. Well this dish is not up to my expectation as I prefer a creamier coconut milk taste for the steamed rice.

We brought some packed food home for my other family members.

I love this Hummingbird Cake! It is moist, made up of the correct amount of sweetness with moist fruits such as pineapple inside.

Wow, a long cone of three layer rice? 

Oh, this is the first time I see this three layer rice from Belanga Cafe. Yes, very creative! It is so beautifully executed with curry fish, chicken and sambal all in one. All my family members voted this as the number one food. Oh.. how I wish I can have more as it was finished off so fast and I managed to only get a small mouthful :(. Belanga Cafe has an outlet in Empire Shopping Gallery, Petaling Jaya.

I realised that suddenly it seems there are many local born bottled drinks flooding our local market. I saw a number of special home concoctions at this Foodie Fest.

Oh, coffee, it's Cold Brew Coffee. 

"Cool Soda mint" another home concoction using lemon grass, sour plum, mint leaves and lychee, if I get it right. Yes, we Malaysians are talented innovative people. Malaysia Boleh! Why just buy the imported branded drinks when we can make our own with our local herbs! Syabas!

This post is the continuation of my earlier post of announcement of the coming of this Food Fest in The Curve. It is posted on 22 September 2015. This is the blog post :

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