Fabulous dishes for 'Sau Gong" & Chinese New Year set menus @Summer Palace, Marriot Hotel Putrajaya

Chinese New Year is near and lots of companies are tidying up their business for the year with a traditional big year end dinners for business associates, friends, employees and relatives. This is known as "Sau Gong" dinner for the Cantonese community. Most Chinese restaurants are promoting their "Sau Gong" menu together with various set menu for Chinese New Year dinners. Eating for Chinese community  is synonymous to sharing of prosperity and happiness. Thus in conjunction this happy occasion, Summer Palace at Marriot Hotel Putrajaya has presented a number a new dishes and various of sets of dinner dishes.

Double Boiled Mini Dumpling Soup with Chinese Cabbage & Wild Bamboo Piths
(Sau Gong 'Longevity Menu')

A bowl of tasty soup with so many quality ingredients in it - abalone, dried scallops, bamboo piths, chinese cabbage and mini dumplings with equally delicious fillings. A heavenly bowl of soup indeed.

Baked Fresh Water Prawn with Mayo & Tobiko (CNY set B)

This is my favourite, a dainty dish cleverly executed. There are small pieces of rock melon, mango mixed with mayo and honey topped with sprinkles of tobiko. It is a not only a feast for the eyes but also for the stomach!

Roasted Crispy Smoked Duck Rolls with sliced Roasted Chicken served in Chinese Bun 
(Sau Gong 'Abundance Menu')

When I go to eat at restaurants, sometimes I just can't decide between ordering either duck or chicken dish. Now this is the solution where you got both duck and chicken in one dish in Summer Palace Restaurant! Here Chef Low incorporates crispy duck skin cleverly rolled around mixed seafood, and roasted chicken meat. The vegetables are very crispy laced with the nice applesauce. A heavenly dish which must not be missed.

Steamed Dragon Garoupa with Black Fungus in Basket
(Sau Gong 'Longevity menu')

Fresh Dragon Garoupa presented so well in a basket!

Stir fried Noodle with seafood in soya sauce (CNY Set B)

Chilled Lemon Glass Jelly with Ice Cream (CNY Set B)

Premium Salmon 'Yee Sang' with Crispy Soft Crab & Crispy Fish (CNY Set C)

Chinese New Year Lunch or Dinner will not be complete without the tossing of 'Yee Sang' It is the most symbolic part of Chinese tradition and culture. So, here it is, we have to toss it the higher the better! The tossings will be accompanied by shouts of "Huat ah!, Huat ah! Ong ah! Ong ah!" This higher and greater tossing of all the ingredients would symbolize the higher prosperity, luck and abundance for this approaching new year.

Hmm... What a mess after the shouts and tossing of this 'Lou Sang'. 

I would like to thank Summer Palace, Marriot Hotel Putrajaya and fellow blogger Cleffairy.com for the invitation to the food review of the above dishes. There are many other dishes in Summer Palace Sau Gong & Chinese New Year set menus and some of them are shown below. 

Braised baby Abalone with chinese cabbage

Sir-fried stuffed pomfret rolls with honey sauce

Sir-fried shelled 'Ming' prawns with butter cream sauce

The Menu for Sau Gong

Chinese New Year Set A, B and C menus

Treat clients, business associates, stsaff, friends and colleagues alike to this specially prepared menus by Chinese Master Chef Low Lam Chong

Summer Palace has Private rooms catering to a maximum of 40 pax for business discussions of enven family gatherings. Summer Palace is ideal for weddings as well, catering up to 250 pax with elegant oriental setting and enchanting ambiance which will create everlasting memories for and your guests.

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"Happy Chinese New Year "
"Gong Xi Fa Cai"

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