HomeStyle Kitchen Asam House @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong, Malaysia

Asam House restaurant? Fantastic, my saliva is drooling out at the mere mention of Assam dishes such as Assam fish, assam prawns where the sour taste is so tempting and tantalising.  "Mum, we have been invited to a food tasting session at Homestyle Kitchen Asam House in Bandar Puteri, Puchong" said my girl. Great! Bandar Puteri is one of my favourite dinner venues during weekends. 

This newly renovated Homestyle Kitchen Asam House is big spacious as it occupies two shop lots. The wall has black and white 3D pictures of old colonial buildings which is suitable for taking photos. (which I saw a few patrons did just that). 

 Ok, let's start off with my favourite dish from this Home style Kitchen Asam restaurant, that is Assam Octopus. 

Assam Sotong (Octopus) - (RM16 - small, RM23 - big)

The sourness of the gravy is just right for me. There are generous amount of long beans and onions. Normally, I do not like octopus dishes because of the meat is rubbery and tough. This has become my top dish tonight because the sotong is cooked to perfection which is soft and tender. There is this nice reddish colour of the gravy specked with pieces of chopped fresh chillies, hmm, heavenly.

Assam Steamed Tilapia (RM22 - small, RM28 - big)

Another of my highly recommended dish, this Assam Tilapia has the correct degree of spiciness and sourness. The gravy has just the right consistency of thickness of blended chilli and assam water. I can see the layers of white meat of the tilapia fish indicating that it is steamed with the right amount of temperature and duration of time. The ladies fingers that is sprinkled on top is crunchy.

Cheese Scallops (RM32 - 8 pcs)

This is another fantastic scallop dish which reminds me of the ones I ate at The Fish Market in Sydney last year. The flesh of the scallops is moist and tender meaning that it was not overcooked. I am sure we all know that seafood must not be cooked too long (overcooked) as the flesh will then become hard, tough and rubbery. The layer of cheese on top enhances the taste and flavors.

Garlic Prawns (RM28 - 8 pcs, RM38 - Big)

This plate of Garlic Prawns was crispy and fragrant. There are small bits and pieces of crispy garlic  and spring onions. The prawns are fried to perfection retaining its moisture. I just can't stop myself from picking up the pieces of garlic and the cleaning the plate off . 

Cheese Prawns (RM28 - 8 pcs, RM38 - 12 pcs)

Being a person who loves cheese, I expected this Cheese Prawns to be better. It was just a plate of prawns with cheese poured on top. I did not get the additional flavors from the meat of the prawns. Overall, it is ok, as its just my fussy tongue sending this message.

Fried Baby French Beans with Minced Meat (RM16 small, RM18 big)

This vegetables dish is ok with the baby French Beans crispy when my teeth sink into it. The minced meat adds to the flavor of the overall dish. 

Pumpkin Sotong (Octopus) -  RM22

Yes, I love pumpkins, be it soup, fried, baked or gravy. Therefore I just can't keep my hands off this Pumpkin Sotong dish. I was the one still scooping the the last drop of pumpkin gravy and cleaning the plate as this gravy has the correct thickness and sweetness of pumpkin. 

Chilli Pepper Sotong -  RM22

With one look, all of us went to a guessing game of what is it? Someone said it may be fried prawn mantis. Yes, looks like it, but no, it is not. After tasting, it is another plate of fried chilli pepper sotong. As with all sotong dishes in this restaurant, I take my hands off to the chef as he has mastered the skill of cooking sotong to perfection. Hmm... this dish is suitable to go with a glass of beer.  

Crab with Garlic (RM68 per kg)

The same can't be said of this crab dish. The crab is coated with lime, garlic and green chilli and chilli padi. I love crabs and have been eating it in lots of restaurants. Personally, I find this too spicy and and sour.  

Tomato Chicken Ball - RM15 - 8pcs

Well, this last dish does not disappoint us. The chicken meat has been chopped fine and seasoned well. Although it has been deep fried, I can still taste the soft chicken meat inside. The gravy of tomato sauce with a tinge of vinegar has the right degree of thickness and taste. A delectable dish indeed.

Woo, someone said that this looks like we are having a reunion dinner. True, the dishes are great, well presented and delicious.

Oh yes, they offer package menu which is suitable for family gatherings and special functions.

Home Style Kitchen Asam House
20, Jalan Puteri 2/3
Bandar Puteri
47100 Puchong

+603- 8051 7107

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