Chinese New Year Dinner Early Bird Offer @Sime Darby Convention Centre

When is the 2017 Chinese New Year? About 3-4 months time, right? Therefore I was surprised to receive this invitation for the food review so early. The early bird gets the worm, so this is the real early promotion alright. Thanks to Sime Darby Convention Centre, I was able to see my very first lion dance for the 2017 Chinese New Year ^-^

The yellow lions came by all our tables paying tribute and I was very happy to be able to pat its head.

It was a fun night with props for guest to snap photos.

This is going to be another familiar table most chinese will see around the chinese new year season.


Salmon Fish & Crystal Pear Prosperity "Yee Sang"

As usual the dinner started off with loh yee sang for prosperity, luck and good tidings for the year ahead. The portions are big with fresh salmon fish.

Double Boiled Black Chicken Soup With Dried Scallop & Ginseng Root

This is a nutritious, energy enhancing traditional soup and full of flavors type of soup

Roasted Golden Sesame Seed Chicken Served with Vietnamese Dressing.

Wow, I am really wowed by this dish. It's the best dish from the menu! The chicken meat is cooked to such tenderness, fully cooked and yet retained its moisture. The skin is very crispy full of sesame seeds giving it the extra crunch.

Grouper fish here is a big one with lots of meat. The meat is so much that it almost taste like chicken meat.

Tiger Prawns with Assam Sauce "Nyonya" Style

The prawns are big but its a pity I do not fancy prawns so much. But I am happy to see that there are a variety of vegetables inside the bowl such as long beans, ladies fingers, tomatoes, celery, mint leaves, onions and fresh chillies. The gravy is just so-so to me.

Baked Tiger prawns in Cereal & Oat

This Braised Black Moss Roll & Beancurd With Chinese Cabbage is tasty and I love the black moss roll balls alot.

As usual when it comes to the end, we are usually very full already. But the Fried rice here is tasty and I can still finish a bowl of this special fried rice with the delicious small pieces of golden sea whelk.

 Chilled "Aiyu" Jelly & Longan with lemongrass Lime Syrup is a refreshing dessert drink but it is a bit on the sweet side.

Deep Fried CNY Money bag

A delectable dessert which really depicts the Chinese New Year mood. What is inside this money bag? I expected it to be savoury, full of meat and vegetables, but with one bite, it tastes sweet. Yes, there is this sweet sticky glutinous 'Nien Gou'. My favourite dessert of the day!

Diners enjoying the food review.

Early booking does saves a lot of money. At the Chinese Treasures Restaurant, from the actual price of RM1388 nett, now you can get it for only RM598 if you book in this month of October, RM698 in November and RM798 in the month of December. 

You can custom made your menu by choosing from a few types given in each category. Below is the choice for the Chinese Treasures Restaurant.

For Banquet set menu, the actual price is RM1788 nett. Early bird promotions are RM888 for October, RM988 for November and RM1088 for December with different set of menu.

Chinese New Year celebration is a time for family get together. And what else do we do at the family gatherings? Of course it is always the eating and about the food. Food symbolises prosperity, abundance and kinship for the chinese. Personally I have experienced difficulty with bookings at restaurants during chinese new year period. Therefore, this early bird booking with so much discount is worth it and all it takes is just a little planning ahead! 

Sime Darby Convention Centre
1A, Jalan Bukit Kiara 1,
60000 Kuala Lumpur

To all my Chinese readers and friends: 

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  1. Hey!! Great to see this Chinese New Year event. Currently I am very happy and busy in arranging my son’s wedding at one of New York wedding venues. Finding it quite difficult to arrange everything. So want to book wedding planner too that will help me.

    1. Thanks Zerry. Yes I understand the hassle in arranging wedding dinner. Ya, a wedding planner will definitely lessen our work and the stress. Congratulations on you son's wedding!