Personalized handphone casing in Malaysia

My pet cat Miu Miu now is very happy, and so am I. I can now carry her cute pretty photo with me wherever I go. This is the personalized handphone casing.

I got my handphone customised. Easy, now you don't have to go to shops, and have a hard time choosing which picture you want. Moreover, you may not like some of the ready printed photos on the casings. 
Get your customised hp casing for only RM20! This is a special offer. 
How to get this special offer?

Whatsapp your photo to 019-9858151 and provide this promo code. Then make payment after receive confirmation and you will receive the casing from 3-5 working days. (Terms and conditions apply)
  Free delivery and offer ends on 30 November 2016. 

Normal price of hp casing ranges from RM28 - RM39 depending on the brand of your handphone.
You can now have photos of your weddings, babies, selfies, welfies or favourite pets such as cats, dogs, birds, and others as your handphone casing for only RM20 with free delivery!

My Miu Miu is having a lot of fun. Here Miu Miu is trying to make a call.

"Hello, Hello, I can't hear you, louder please!"

"Ok, let me dial again"

"Ok, I will wait for you"

"Yes, I like this phone casing you don't take it away, or else", 'I suka casing ini, you jangan ambil, tau'

A lot of other customize printing such as key-chains, photo mug, jigsaw puzzle, bitrhtday cards, pillow case, T-shirts and others. Just whatsapp your photo to 019-9858151 and provide this promo code.

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