Anlene Partners Sheila Majid relaunch Sinaran & 'Move Young' Anlene MoveMax, Malaysia

'Stay young and healthy' a phrase most ladies would wish that it is true for them. Why not? Quips Sheila Majid, our very own jazz queen who has been in the show biz for more than 30 years. Thus yesterday, Anlene, (powered by the new formulation Anlene MoveMax, with ingredients like collagen added to calcium, protein and other nutrients), partners with Sheila Majid to launch the new remake of popular hit 'Sinaran' as an extension of its 'Move as Young as You feel Inside' campaign. 

Opening remark by Managing Director of Fonterra Brands Malaysia, Mr. Jose Miguel Porraz Lando

This Anlene 'Move As Young As you Feel Inside' Sinaran Media Launch with Sheila Majid was held in IOI Mall, Putrajaya on 1 December 2016. Mr. Jose Miguel said that Fonterra is committed to 100% pure natural milk that is great tasting with the most advance nutrition at affordable prices. Dairy farms in New Zealand are pasture based, free from genetically modified organisms and come from happy cows. Anlene is a brand that was created in Malaysia 25 years ago and now has reached global scale available in 17 countries.

Speech by Sheila Majid 

As we grow older, our bones degenerate faster, agility slower, therefore we need more nutritions such as calcium, collagen and other nutrients such as calcium, protein, magnesium, zinc and vitamins B6, B12, C, D & E that work together to care for our bones, joints and muscles.

 "Movement is very important to keep us feel young and healthy" says Dato' Sheila Majid, the ambassador of Anlene Movemax. Anlene's MoveMax new formula was developed by a team to address the fact that healthy bones, joints & muscles are important to support our overall movement.

This launch came alive with Sheila Majid and her daughter, Kayda ( a rap artiste) performing the new remake of "Sinaran". This new remake Sinaran music video will be pushed digitally as well as supported by TVCs and other on-ground activities to inspire more people to move. 

Sheila Majid with rap artiste daughter Kayda

The MoveMax formulation. Anlene with MoveMax™ is specially formulated for adults of all ages, and it contains a unique bundle of nutrients including newly added collagen. This Anlene "Move As Young As You Feel"  is full of activities for the media and public.

Free Anlene Move Check for Bones, Joints and Muscles can be done at the various stations at this launch.

The first station of this Anlene Move check, The Mobility Assessment station

The 'sit stand test' at the Mobility Assessment station. How many times can you do it?

Second, this is the bone density test.

The panel here is for consultation of the result of this Anlene Move check test

The table of the results and types of nutritions and active lifestyle needed for individuals.

"Hmmm.... how is my result?" Mr. Jose Miguel asked.

Various activities such as the trampoline and swing are available.

Launch ended with photography sessions

Mr. Jose Miguel posing with Dato' Sheila Majid an her daughter Kadya for the media

Jovial press conference in progress, hahaha.

"With the remake of Sinaran, we hope to excite and inspire more Malaysians to embrace their youthfulness with movement. Sheila is an inspiration to many as she lives an active lifestyle and believes in taking care of herself and her family (4 children) with the right nutrition such as Anlene" said Mr. Jose Miguel. Yeah, Sheila Majid, this jazz queen from the 80's and my idol still looks so young and active! What's her secret?

Anlene products can be found in all leading supermarkets, nationwide. Anlene MoveMax comes in two variants, the powdered form is in plain or chocolate, available in 1 kg, 600g and 175g packs. Anlene MoveMax Yoghurt is available in 4 delicious variants: plain, mango, strawberry and mixed berries.

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