Golden Teriyaki Meal with fabulous Red Velvet Lava Muffin @ Kenny Rogers Roasters Malaysia

Healthy deliciously baked Golden Teriyaki Chicken meal is KRR's latest menu for the coming festive Chinese New Year promotion. Another superb addition is the totally new Red Velvet  Lava Muffin with creamy salted egg yolk filling.

I was invited to the launch of this Bold and Gold With The Golden Teriyaki Meal , a new delicious New Year treat by Kenny Rogers Roasters at Tropical City Shopping Mall last week.

Golden Teriyaki Chicken Meal - RM14.80 (ala carte)

The chicken is marinated in signature teriyaki sauce with herbs and spices, then tenderly baked with pineapple wihle retaining isa succulent flavour. Why pineapple? It gives a special sour and sweet taste and has the significance of luck and prosperity as the word pineapple is "Ong Lai" in chinese meaning "Luck come". The chicken is moist and succulent and the pineapple flavour has all gotten into the chicken during the baking process giving it an even more balanced taste.

 The rice is soft butter flavoured and moist with cubes of red bell pepper and carrots. 

 Golden Teriyaki Soup Meal

For those who like soup, this is the Golden Teriyaki Soup Meal where the salad is replaced by a bowl of soup.

Red Velvet Lava Muffin

For a limited time only, this offer comes with a free Red Velvet Lava Muffin. KRR's muffin has been my family's all time favourite, and now this special muffin is the best ever! The muffin is soft and moist and fluffy, but it's the filling that I want to highlight. At first, when I heard that it's creamy salted egg yolk filling, I imagined it to be the watery runny. But it is not as i imagined, instead I love the dense yellow texture of the salted egg york which gives the saltiness which balances the sweetness of the red velvet muffin. This is another must try of KRR's muffin. 

Gold and Bold abundance meal from RM21.80 onwards has two options: 
1) Golden Teriyaki Chicken Meal - 1/4 chicken + 2 side dishes + 1 Red Velvet Lava Muffin
2) Golden Teriyaki Soup Meal - 1/4 Golden Teriyaki chicken + 1 country-style Chicken soup + 1 side dish + 1 Red Velvet Lava Muffin

This promotion ends on 18 February 2017

Top off your meal with Zesty Orange Blast drink, a refreshing concoction of orange and lemonade juice to quench your thirst. For those who prefer a lighter and less sweet version, I suggest you don't stir your drink all the way down the glass.


Get the special promotion of Golden Teriyaki Feast for RM88.80 (suitable for 4 pax) by saving up to RM38.80. It consists of two Golden Teriyaki Chicken, two rotisserie-roasted 1/4 chicken, two aromatic Rice, four Red Velvet Lava Muffins and four Zesty Orange Blast drinks for free.

Kenny Rogers ROASTERS in Tropical City Mall, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Kenny Rogers ROASTERS is currently celebrating its 8th year, thus the annual ROASTERS Eating Day (RED) will take place starting from Wednesday, 11 January 2017, for three (3) at all KRR restaurants nationwide! KRR invites you to visit any KRR restaurant and get ONE (1) FREE Red Hot Meal with the purchase of ONE (1) Red Hot Mea! Simple flash the KRR e-voucher on your phone to redeem your meal. Get the e-voucher from KRR's official Facebook page here.

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Check out KRR website : KRR promotions

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