Kajang Satay, Hj. Samuri at RnR Awan Besar, PJ, Malaysia

"I am craving for Satay la" my sister said last weekend. "Yeah, let's go to Kajang for the famous Sate Hj. Samuri!" I replied. "Nope, I am lazy to drive all the way to Kajang...." she answered, "Wait, I remembered there's one on the Kesas Highway, the RnR Awan Besar!" I chirped in. So off we go to this RnR Awan Besar to get our fix of local famous satay. This is the first time I went to this RnR Awan Besar after a fire broke out in the old building. It is now a new big clean building which was rebuilt after it has been burnt down. 

Sate Haji Samuri is a local Malaysian food with 16 oulets in Selangor and Klang Valley and 4 more in other states of Malaysia. No wonder it can be found in Wikipedia search also! (Link to Wikipedia here.) 

Satay is small pieces of meat seasoned with various spices, skewered onto a stick and grilled over charcoal fire. Coconut milk is being rubbed over it while grilling giving it the extra fragrance, milkiness and a shiny appearance. It is served with spiced peanut sauce, and this sauce is given free.  

Here's the menu and the prices.

It is self-service, first you order from the counter, you will be given a number and you come to take it yourself once your number is called.

I ordered two ketupat, (rice wrapped in palm leaves) at RM0.70 each. The satay sauce and chili sauce and timun is free of charge

Oh.. they have satay rabbit meat (It is called Sate Arnab in Bahasa Melayu). Have you eaten rabbit meat? So out of curiosity, I ordered two sticks.

Rabbit Meat Satay (Sate Arnab) - RM0.98 per stick

How does it taste? Well, just like chicken meat, I can't find any difference, other than slightly tougher.  

Fish Meat Satay (Sate Ikan) - RM0.98 per stick

Fish meat satay tastes ok just like we eat grilled fish but here the meat is on sticks

I notice that the meat on the sticks is smaller in size as compared to the previous time I ate here. The size of meat skewered on the stick is of the same size as satay sold by hawkers at any coffeeshops. The price range at hawker stalls is RM0.70 - RM0.80.

"The size of the ketupat is also small" my sis complained while eating. So here is the photo of it.

This is the total bill.

What do I like about Sate Hj. Samuri? It is the peanut sauce and you can see here I finished all the sauce from my bowl as compared to the one on the right. Well, if anyone knows of any other stalls selling satay with good sauce, please let me know ^-^

Sate Kajang Hj. Samuri is the corner stall in this RnR Awan Besar.

If you prefer air-conditioning dining area, just walk to the right side.

Inside is this spacious restaurant by itself and fully air-con.

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