Babajia Restaurant in Sky Avenue, Resorts World Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Babajia? At first I find this name difficult to pronounce and unique, so I was trying to guess what type of restaurant it is. "It serves home cooked Baba-Nyonya food and dessert. The name 'Baba' is from the Baba-Nyonya word and continued with the 'jia' (家) meaning home in Mandarin" explained Mr. Surendran, restaurant manager. Oh.. interesting, I felt excited and was waiting impatiently to try out the food as I am also of Baba-Nyonya heritage. Thank you Resorts World Genting for the invitation to Mother's Day celebration at Sky Avenue Resorts World Genting and Babajia for sponsoring this lunch.  

Asam Spicy Fish - RM45.00

This is my top dish for lunch in Babajia. The sourness and spiciness is of just the right combination. There are big pieces of fish meat in the thick gravy. How I wish there are more gravy as I was digging and scooping the gravy onto the rice!

Cincalok Egg - RM14.00

This is a universal dish, economical and kids favourite alright. The cincalok was cleverly blended into the egg so don't worry, there is no distinct smell of cincalok. Mixed with chopped onions, spring onions and topped with shredded carrots and chilli. The plating is also of reasonably big size. My second top dish of the day.

Chicken Cincalok Chicken - RM25.00 

An authentic Nyonya dish full of flavors and spicy too. I was biting into the pieces of chilli padi and that's the one that gives me the oomph. The chicken pieces are cut into small pieces and all are meat pieces with no bones which is good.  

Belacan Paku Pakis - RM18.00

A well known Nyonya style fried vegetable with this local vegetable fern. The paku pakis is fried with sambal and belacan until fragrant. Here I can taste the belacan in the gravy but it is not spicy enough for me. 

Chicken Pongteh - RM28.00

A traditional dish of chicken fried with cubed potatoes, Tauhu, shiitake mushrooms and water chestnut. The chicken is cut in cubes and again as I have said, it is just meat and no bones which is easy to eat. 

Tropical Tornado - RM16.00

A perfect squeeze of green apple, orange, carrot, lemon juice and ginger juice. Tastes good.

The Original - RM16.00

This squeeze consist of pineapple, cucumber, lemongrass and lemon. A healthy combination for this hot weather. 

Here are some of the menu of Babajia

Babajia has a wide entrance and spacious side walk seating outside where you can see people walking by. 

Decor of attractive hues of brown and wood panelling complements well with the gold-colored plated emblem name of this restaurant, Babajia.

Menu at the entrance of Babajia

Enjoyed this sumptuous lunch in Babajia on Mother's Day  

This is a great restaurant for lunch and dinner and especially so for Baba Nyonya food lovers. 

Babajia is situated at Level 1, T2-16, just around the corner, near the main exhibition centre and the new Sky Casino. Did I say it is opened 24 hours? Yes, now you don't have to worry if about food anytime when you are in Resorts World Genting. A very good place for a sumptuous meal after having a good time wheeling and dealing in the casinos, too!

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