Sunny Queen @ Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia

Celebrating birthdays or just looking for lovely interior and attractive decors to indulge in nice Italian food? Look no further as Sunny Queen, the famous Taiwan restaurant serving Italian food is opened in Sunway Pyramid recently.  My hats off to the intricate decor making you feel like you are walking into a wonderland!

Pictures of rabbit queen, cute white snow bears, reindeers are definitely making Sunny Queen a happy place for celebrating kids birthday!!

Hmm... there is even a space for kids to play and sit on the cute goats, elephants and rhino. 

If you fancy a more quiet and exclusive dining area, there are tables for two or four.

Well, I like the open kitchen concept here. 

The must haves in Italian restaurants are Pizza, Pasta, Risotto and Steak. At Sunny Queen, I would recommend the Clams Pesto Spaghetti and Squid Ink Spaghetti.

 Clams Pesto Spaghetti - RM24.00

This clams pesto spaghetti is refreshing, light and flavorful. The clams are cooked to the right temperature with the flesh still moist and juicy. 

Squid Ink Mixed Seafood - RM38

Squid Ink Cuttlefish Spaghetti - RM44.00

Squid Ink Spaghetti is the in-thing now as squid ink gives a natural flavor and color to the spaghetti. Therefore, it is more healthy than using the artificial dye as coloring in food. Out of this two, I like the Squid Ink Mixed Seafood spaghetti better as I love the mixture of fresh shrimps, clams, cuttlefish and fish meat. 

Porcini & Mushroom with Cream Sauce Risotto - RM32

Risotto is a must have in Italian restaurants, so I am glad that I was able to taste it here. Overall taste is ok as being an Asian, I prefer our very own rice. 

Dancing Queen (Half chicken) - RM28.00

Roasted half chicken served with the sides of fries, salad, fresh vegetables and chilli sauce dipping. This is awesome especially for some who doesn't like pastas, spaghettis and pizzas. ( I have a friend who is of this category, so he will just order a chicken dish ) The chicken is cooked to perfection with the meat soft and tender. To me, this dish is also reasonable priced.

The pizza here is thin crust which is my favourite. If you like thin crust pizza with creamy top, then Sunny Queen is the place for you. There are a lot of creamy cheese on top of the pizza which makes it heavenly. 

The some of the various types of pizza are Margherita pizza - RM 27.00, Hawaiian pizza - RM36.00, Mexican Smoked Sausage Pizza - RM34.00  and Walnut n Chocolate Banana Pizza - RM24.00

Berry Smoothie - RM23 and Mango Smoothie - RM20.

Three types of innovative local fruits drinks available are 'I am Pineapple - Rm30' , 'I am Watermelon - RM35' and 'I am Melon -RM38'. If you are curious, you can try it out as I am also curious to know what is inside too.

The ambience and decor is great for those selfie and instagram crazy fans. This Rabbit Queen theme Italian restaurant is the first outlet from Taiwan in Malaysia. For those who love taking photos and selfie shots, Sunny Queen is a must visit restaurant. 

Sunny Queen
OB3, LG1.7-8, 
No. 3 Jalan PJS 11/15. Bandar Sunway
Petaling Jaya

Facebook: Sunny Queen MalaysiaTel: +603-5612 8927

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