NY Steak Shack's Steak Promotions for 2018 @ Sunway Pyramid

New York City is the cultural melting pot, known for its variety of ethnic cuisines, great restaurants and the ability to find any kind of food at any hour of the day. Here NY Steak Shack is inspired by this food capital, the epicentre of America's multiculturalism. NYSS serves a variety of sizzling steaks, burgers, chicken, fish and pasta freshly made to order. 

Special Edition of sizzling steaks at New York Steak Shack is on from now till 11 March 2018. With the festive season and holidays just around the corner, it's time to enjoy a meal with friends or family. Thus going along the tide, all NYSS outlet offers to group dining of four pax, then only three have to pay - meaning, with every 3 paying guests the fourth one can dine for free. This promotion is from 12 February until 25 February 2018. 
Muhammad Adam Mah, Brand General Manager of NY Steak Shack giving a thumbs up.

"NY Steak Shack is a home grown brand and all food items are HALAL certified. We are motivated to serve Malaysians with great tasting food because most steaks around are either too expensive. So NYSS is here to provide great steak at affordable prices." said Muhammad Adam Mah, Brand General Manager of NY Steak Shack.

 To order, first choose your cut of beef, either ribeye, striploin or T-bone. Then the level of doneness you want it cooked from blue rare (red throughout) to well done (no pink). Lastly, you can choose 2 sides to complete your meal. 

NY Steak Shack Sizzling Striploin SE

NY Steak Shack Sizzling T- Bone SE

NY Steak Shack Sizzling Ribeye SE

The prices are according to the size you choose 200g or 300g as shown below:

For starters, you can order something sweet and crunchy, fragrant and savoury. 

Shrooms & Onions

Mushrooms and onions are fried to crispy perfection, and drizzled with homestyle mustard dressing. Sweet and crunchy is alright, but to me, a person who seldom take deep fried food it is on the oily side.

Feeling happy after we were given the apron to wear to protect our  clothes when the sizzling steak arrives. 

The sauce is poured on the steak in front of you! 

There's so much sizzling and smoke, oh yes, lucky we had our apron on earlier!

Three all brand new mocktails are launched together to be enjoyed with this mouth watering Sizzling steak SE entree. The fresh, light and refreshing taste mocktails are Orange Breeze, Minty Lime Cooler and Lemonade Zest. The normal price is RM8.90 ala carte, but during this campaign (8 January - 11 March 2018) it will be RM6.20 ordered with the sizzling steak.

I had this Minty Lime Cooler, and yes it was really a refreshing cool drink which I highly recommend. It is made from fresh lime together with mint leaves and refreshing 7up. Tastes light, and it energises my body in this hot weather. 

Orange Breeze is for a thirsty adventurer. The freshly squeezed orange is shaked to perfectrion with 7up.

For lemonade lovers this is a dream come true. You can feel the zest as the freshly squeezed lemons are perfected with a shake of 7up.

The NY Steak Shack in Sunway Pyramid is at the corner near the ice skating ring area. Tastefully decorated, this of course, can't be a shack! There are different types of seating and an open kitchen. 

There are 10 outlets of NY Steak Shack in Klang Valley. There are mouth watering pasta & rice, succulent burgers, tasty shakes, mouthful starters, healthy salad, delicious soups and many more. For more details of the campaign an latest news, go to: https://www.facebook.com/nysteakshackmy

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