Thermomix® Cooking Experience at Sunway Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

I love cooking and have been watching lots of cooking shows such as Masterchef  and My Kitchen Rules (MKR) on TV. I have also won a Philips Airfryer at one cooking experience. Therefore I was super excited to be able to attend a cooking demonstration at Thermomix® Malaysia office in Sunway Damansara, PJ.  


Thermomix® is from Germany and a division of the Vorwerk Group. Founded in 1883, this multifunctional Thermomix® kitchen appliance has made day-to-day cooking simpler for more than 50 years. Thermomix® combines the functions of twelve other appliances in one and there are thousands of reliable recipes. Thermomix® Malaysia started its operations year 2009.

Thermomix® cooking demonstration was conducted by Ms Theresa Lee. She is also the author of Easy Meals Cookbook.

We did 10 delicious recipes starting with a simple ice lemonade drink which is super fast and easy. Not just easy and fast, it is a nutritious and healthy drink too as all the ingredients are put into the bowl so less handling with our hands which also means less contamination.

Ms Theresa Lee with with her Easy Meals Cookbook and the dishes we cooked in Thermomix® machine that day.

I was impressed by how convenient it is to steam chicken above in a steam and cook broth below, so that the essence of the chicken can all drop down into the broth. So this is cooking 2 in 1. There's no need to use another steamer to do steam the whole chicken. So, less utensils to wash up too!

Cooking spicy chili normally would cause my whole house filled up the whole spicy aroma. Not only that, my neighbours will also know that I am cooking curry! Well Ms Theresa showed us how to do it clean, fast and convenient. Here, we learnt how to cook Tamarind Beef Curry as we wanted a halal version. Ok, just change the pork to beef in the following recipe. 

First, just put in all the spices in Thermomix® and blend for 15 seconds.


Open up to check. Add another 10 seconds if we want it to be finer. Do you know that we can just saute all the blended ingredients straight away? Oh my, no more changing of utensils by pouring from one blender to the wok to saute, and the hazzle of washing up the blender later. This is all cooking in the same Thermomix® bowl. 

 Then just add lemon grass, curry powder and oil and turn up the temperature to 120 C, at speed 1 for 10 minutes. After that it is just adding the beef and others as in the recipe. There you are, curry beef can be cooked in less than 25 minutes using the same bowl all the while.

Curry Beef

Pastries can be made easily in Thermomix®. Weigh all the ingredients straight away into the bowl. Then just mix it for 20 seconds at speed 4 - fast and simple!

 The pastry is then ready to roll out and place it in the tart tins.

 Then just bake it in the oven as described in the recipe. Prepare the filing on the  Thermomix® bowl also, as stated in the recipe.

Another dessert we tried out that day is Oatmeal scones.

 Ms. Theresa's Oatmeal Scones are really nice, soft and the texture is crumbly. 

The scones turned out very good.

Hmm... see the rock sugar on top? It is placed there while the curry is cooking so that we will not forget to add in later. Smart, isn't it?

Although Thermomix® combines 12 appliances into 1,  is actually a small machine. It has the size of 34.1cm x 32.6cm x 32.6cm and weighs only 7.95KG. For more details, please refer to  Thermomix® Malaysia

Thermomix® has only three (3) dials in front which makes it easy and convenient to use, no many, many confusing buttons and dials here and there.

Thermomix® machine comes with an easy to carry bag too.

This Thermomix® machine is definitely a unique must have kitchen utensil as it saves us time, saves us the trouble of doing too many washing up, space in the kitchen as we can use one appliances instead of the small ones such as blender, chopper, steamer, whisk, weighing machine, emulsifying, grating and cooking.

For more details, please visit:

Thermomix® Malaysia
11A & 15, Jalan PJU3/46,
Sunway Damansara Technology Park, 47810
Petaling Jaya, Selangor,



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