Media Challenge 2.0 - A Cultural Heritage Trip

Museums... How often do you go to visit museums? Museums are places we learn about our culture, heritage, traditions and values. Understanding history and our roots are part and parcel of our existence on earth. Thus I was very happy to be able to join the Media Challenge 2.0 organized by Tourism Malaysia in cooperation with Department of Museums Malaysia. It is also in conjunction with the celebration of International Museum Day.

This was a 3 days 2 nights program packed with interesting itineraries from Putrajaya to Melaka. There are a total of 24 media participants from various categories of media such as newspapers, Backpackers magazines and online media platforms such as bloggers and you tubers. This challenges involves treasure hunting activities, crosswords puzzles, traditional games and searching for answers inside the museums exhibits. Questions are set in a way to help increase knowledge of participants regarding Unique Selling Points (USP) for every museums visited and deepening cultural heritage.

 Customs Museum (Muzuim Adat)

The first museum we visited is the Muzium Adat, (Customs Museum) in Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan. The galleries inside this customs museum are:
1. Malaysian Custom Introduction
2. Life Cycle
3. Intellectual Tradition/Goverment and Power
4. Perpatih Customs

Mohd Nasrulamiazam bin Mohd Nasir, Director of Museum Adat giving a briefing and summary of the customs and the origins.

Creative photo shoot from Group 1 (it's my group!)

 Media participants are then divided into groups with four members in each group. Well this is the start of our first media challenge. My group was a well mix group of a French lady, Deaf blogger and a handsome guy from local media Metro Online. We were given a set of questions with a time limit to finish, so it was very hectic running around in the museum looking for the answers.
Address: Jalan Dato' Umbi, Kampung Jelebu Tengah, 71600,Kuala Klawang, Negeri Sembilan (30 km from Seremban town)
Operation Hours: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm (close during Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Hari Raya Aidiladha)
Entrance fee: Free

 Muzuim Negeri Sembilan
The next museum we visited was Museum Negeri Sembilan situated along Jalan Sungai Ujong, Seremban, at the Crafts & Cultural Handicraft Complex.
Teratak Perpatih

The main building is this Teratak Perpatih, a large imposing building constructed based on the traditional Minangkabau style. Do visit this museum to learn about the history of Negeri Sembilan state and enlighten yourself with the various artifacts.
 Outstanding galleries are: 1. Pilately and Stamps
2. Ampang Tinggi Palace
3. Negeri Sembilan House
4. Canons

Ampang Tinggi Palace, built by Yamtuan Ulin, the fifth Yang di Pertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan who ruled from 1861 - 1869. 

Having lunch inside Ampang Tinggi Palace the customary way "Adat Makan Bersilo".
We were lucky to be able to dine inside this palace that is made from finely crafted panels and ancient heavy wooden sliding doors. We had first hand experience of traditional way of Malay eating inside this Ampang Tinggi Palace! Our lunch was served from traditional tray "talam" style, known as "Adat makan Bersilo", where we ate with our bare hands and sat cross-legged. It was a unique experience indeed! 

Group photo of Media Challenge 2.0 participants at Museum Negeri Sembilan
Address: Jalan Sungai Ujong,
 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Operation Hours: 10.00am - 6.00 pm daily
10.00 - 12.45pm : 2.45 pm - 6.00 pm on Friday, 
Close during Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Hari Raya Aidiladha holidays
Entrance: Free
 Muzium Lukut, Lukut, Negeri Sembilan

Oh, the weather was hot and we have to walk and climb steps up to the museums. For most museums  the only pathway are steps going up to the entrance.

Peterson Augustine Anak Augustine Jadan, Head of Museum Lukut 

Museum Lukut tells the history of Lukut, its glorious days and the greatness of Fort Lukut. Lukut was a tin mining town and in 1834, there were already Chinese miners in Lukut. "Do you know that the famous Yap Ah Loy (founder of Kuala Lumpur) was formerly from Lukut?" asked Mr. Peterson Augustine. It was very interesting listening to the stories of our history. Here, our media challenges consisted of not only answering questions, but also guessing the weight of green beans, identifying spices by smelling.

The Malacca Sultanate Palace (Muzium Kesultanan Melayu), Melaka

According to Malay Annals' account, the plan for this museum is based on the exact replica of Sultan Mansur Shah's palace.

We were welcomed to this museum with silat performance by Persatuan Cahaya D'elima Perzim. The music is played on Gamelan or Barongan. 

Balairong Seri

This diorama show the sitting arrangement of the King Audience Hall. The King sits a top the royal dais and 4 chief advisors were seated close to the King. This was then followed by other dignitaries and delegates. Audience were not allowed to carry weapons unless granted by the king.

Our media challenge at this museum also includes playing traditional games such as congkak, kicking feather shuttle cock with feet and knocking down stacked tins with slippers ^-^

Opening time and entrance fee is as shown above

Malaysian Architecture Museum (Muzium Seni Bina)
Malaysia Architecture Museum is in a building that's built during the Dutch colonial period. The main objective is to show the uniqueness and diversity of architectural heritage and providing the basic information about the history and development of architecture in Malaysia.
Address: Jalan Kota, Bandar Hilir 75000, Melaka. Operation hours: 9.00 am - 6.00pm 
Close during Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Hari Raya Aidiladha holidays
Entrance: Free

Here's a video on Media Challenge 2.0

Treasures Hotel & Suites, Melaka

Our stay at Melaka was at Treasures Hotel & Suites. Details will be at another blog post. 

Restoran Lot Lapan Lima

 We had our lunch at Restoran Lot Lapan Lima right in town center.  It is famous for its Curry fish 'Kari Asam Ikan' and crispy fried chicken.

It was a sumptuous meal with so many other dishes such as omelette, fried mix vegetables, tauhu, 'ulam' and the best ever is the quenching cold syrup drink in this hot weather.

 International Museum Day Celebration

On the 23th July night, we attended the National level launching ceremony of International Museum Day 2018. A video of this event:

 This ceremony is officiated by: 
:YBhg Datuk Kamarul Baharin bin A. Kasim, Direstor of Department of Museums Malaysia also the Chairman of organising commintee of National International Day 2018,
: YAB Tuan Adly bin Zahari, Chief Minister of Malacca
: YB Tuan Mohamaddin bin Ketapi. Minster of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia

Encore Melaka 
Encore Melaka is South East Asia's largest performing arts theatre with a 360 degree rotating audience platform. Performance tells touching life stories of locals in three (3) languages: Malay, Mandarin and English. 

We had an astonishing time at Encore Melaka. Check out the video here. 

The Orchard Wellness & Health Spa Resort
Our last destination is at the Orchard Wellness & Health Resort.
It is a place for relaxation, health, nature and rejuvenation. Full details will be coming soon

The closing ceremony of this Media Challenge 2.0 was held in The Orchard Wellness & Health Spa Resort. 

The winner for Media Challenge 2.0 goes to group Wira! Congratulations guys and gals, well done. There were also lucky draws which I am very happy to be one of the lucky ones. Thank you Tourism Malaysia and Department of Museums Malaysia.

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