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Man needs water, air and food to survive physically, but we also need to take care of our emotional and spiritual well being. It's a fast moving high speed technological world on super highway and super charged high band communication. At times, we need to be at peace with ourselves, give ourselves time and be with our own journey. As Rainer Maria Rilke said "The only journey is the journey within" Have you ever look into our journey within ourselves? Normally we see our journey outside, the paths we go physically, feeling and reacting to the surroundings and happenings to us on the outside.

As a travel blogger and a travel passionate person, I try to go round the world to see the beauty of God's creation. Last year I traveled to US for the first time visiting New York, Niagara Falls, White House, Statue of Liberty and many other tourist places. But I was grateful that I was able to go to a temple in Flushing: the Fo Guang Shan IPBS New York. Thank You!

When I set my eyes on this building, I was surprised that this temple does not look like a temple at all. The building is square in shape, the outside is just a brown and white painted wall, with no name and signage. Coming from the East, especially Malaysia, all our temples, mosque and places of worship was intricately decorated. Not only the buildings that can be easily recognized, we can smell some of the Chinese temples because of the burning of joss sticks and incense. As for Indian temples and Mosque, the prayers and chanting can be heard at least half a kilometer away!

Another surprise for me is that upon entering, I do not see any shrine or statues of gods. There are just some seats!

There is a Tea House where vegetarian food and tea are sold.

Main Shrine is on the 4th floor.

I love this clean neat serene dining hall. 

  Fo Guang Shan IPBS New York is a busy center serving the public from New York and Flushing. Other than dharma talks, blessings, motivational courses there are also floral arrangement and summer courses for children during summer holidays. 

Children's art competition.

I am particularly impressed by this winning piece. There are so many inspirational quotes in just this one piece of art: 'Do good and good will come to you', 'I have somany hearts for good deeds' 'Donation' 'Stop Judging'. Wow, I personally have to remind myself about all this from time to time. And... this is a reminder from a child!

 Floral arrangement class

Children busy with activities during the summer course for children. I met a few teachers for the summer course last year and was impressed by their commitment.
"If you don't tend to one another, then who will tend to you?" - Buddha   

With Master Ru Yang, Abbot of New York Fo Guang Shan IPBS

I can sense  peace, harmony from within at Fo Guang Shan IPBS New York. Thank you Fo Guang Shan IPBS New York for my short stay here during summer last year. Do go to your own spiritual development place for your individual well-being. 

My relationship with Fo Guang Shan was renewed when I was on tour in London two months ago. I was very happy to be able to visit this London branch, and coincidentally, a friend was there doing charity work too! Oh, too happy until forgot to take photos inside. 

 Fo Guang Shan IPBS New York is a branch from Fo Guang Shan Taiwan (an international Chinese Buddhist monastic order and new religious movement), founded by Master Hsing Yun. 

 Let's take some time from our busy schedule to visit serene places of worship for inner peace! Public are welcome  Fo Guang Shan IPBS New York and summer classes are good for children. 

 Fo Guang Shan IPBS New York
154-37, Barclay Avenue, 
Flushing, New York
11355, USA

For more information, please visit: Facebook: 

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