What's in Taronga Zoo, Sydney, My bird's eye view

Birds walking around us as we were eating in the cafe! Some even flew over our heads, yes, I was amazed at how tame and friendly they were here, in Taronga zoo. This  peacock was seen walking from table to table begging for food! 

Later after filling its stomach inside the cafe, this peacock coolly walks out and fans out is beautiful train of quill feathers. I was impressed by its impressive size and pattern plumage of quill feathers marked with eye spots. A rare sight indeed!

Children love zoos as they can learn lots of facts on animals, their habitat and also conservations. Tronga zoo has over 350 species of animals and is non-profit. I went to Taronga zoo with my grandchildren last month when I was in Sydney. 

Immediately after the entrance, we turn along the Bradleys Head Road, its the Koala Encounter! Can you spot the Koalas on the trees. Its really hard to spot them as they are very still, not active and normally moves when they are eating. But, oh... they are really very cute animals with all those grey/white color cuddly soft furs.

Elephants are my grandchildren's favourite.

But the most interesting for children is Gorillas!

Gorilla eating carrots for lunch

This gorilla is staring back at us!

Another highly recommended visit is the Tiger Trek. This is Indonesian themed experience one of a kind and out of this world experience. Do be patient and queue for this new immersive experience of endangered Sumatran Tiger and how simple shopping choices can help preserve their natural habitat. 

Moving around this Taronga zoo is very environmental friendly and paths being fence up with lots of safety measures taken care off. 

Another lovely sight to behold, the number of prams lining up.... Yes thumbs up to Taronga  Zoo for having lots of handicap and pram friendly pathways.

Seal shows were fantastic! Take the Seal Walk then take a rest and sit down to watch the Seal Show.

Monkeys! How many are there in this photo?

There are lots of activities for children with playground, free face painting for children and many other interactive games and educational animal conservation themes. 

If you are tired of walking, then just use the Sky Safari, a cable car ride back to the entrance. It provides a aerial view of the zoo from the sky. My grandchildren love it so much so that they took 2 round trips! This ride is free as it is inclusive in the tickets fare.

There are many other animals such as kangaroos, platypus, giraffe, pygmy hippo, otters, gibbons, penguins, pelican, meerkats, tamarins, crocodiles, komodo dragon, monkeys, chimpanzee, wombat, emu, wallaby, just to name a few. But the weather is cloudy and with occasional showers, so I did not take many photos. 

Awesome photos can be taken from Taronga zoo with the Sydney Harbour bridge in the backgorund. But as I have said earlier, it was cold and with occasional showers when I was there, thus my photo was a blurry (sad). 

The ticket prices and opening hours can be found at Taronga Zoo website. Just to give a rough idea: Entrance for adults = $42.30, child=$24.30, family 1 adult + 2 children = $80.80, family 2 adults + 2 children=$118.40. For more information: please refer to https://taronga.org.au/sydney-zoo

For those without car, the easiest way get to Taronga zoo is by taking the ferry from Cirular Quay Wharf to Taronga Zoo stop.

Here's google map for your reference. 

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