Have a great time at Timez Hotel, Melaka

"Timez, timez, timez hotel, woee!, I am going there!" I told my little girl last week. "Timez, like time zone? ya, I remember you went to time zone already. You said time stands still there." asked this 10 year old with eyes open wide. "Yes, Emily that's in Greenwich, England, but this is a hotel in Melaka. I will tell you all about it when I get back, ok?", I answered. So off I go for a staycation at Melaka's authentic living legacy, Timez Modern Heritage Hotel.

I took public transport (Express bus) from Bandar Tasik Selatan (TBS) bus station in Kuala Lumpur to Melaka Sentral Bus station. The journey costs around RM9-11 (as different seating of coach cost are different. Mine is a 32 seater cost RM10.40) and about 2 hours duration. From the Melaka Sentral, you can take domestic route bus no17 costing RM2, which you have to stop at Christ Church (Red Building) and walk across the bridge to Jonker Street. But I took Grab car from Melaka Sentral and paid RM8.00.

Bandar Tasik Selatan Bus Terminal in Kuala Lumpur, this station is connected to KLIA express from the Kuala Lumpur international airport.

Melaka Sentral Bus Station.

Timez Hotel is a modern heritage boutique hotel situated right in the heart of famous Jonker Street in Melaka. Jonker Walk is the Chinatown of Melaka, with buildings dated back to the 17th century, and lots of shops selling antiques, peranakan food and local cuisines such as 'cendol gula Melaka', souvenirs and handicrafts. Tucked in between a row of ancient heritage shop houses, Timez Hotel gives a chic yet modern minimalist feel to this cultural street. 

First, it is at Jalan Hang Kasturi, just round the corner from Jonker Street. Upon reaching, leading up to the entrance, there is a landscaped walkway with seats, table and chairs by the side where guests can rest, relax and take a bite. This is a super arrangement as it really gives guests the space to rest the tired legs and a breather before going into our rooms.
 Once inside the lobby, there are free drinking water easily available. This is another good feature as Malaysian weather is very hot and dry, so this jugs of water in the lobby is definitely a plus point for Timez hotel guest after a long walk and shopping in Jonker Street. Well, in Cantonese, water also symbolizes money, so with water everywhere in the lobby will depicts that there will be money coming in and inside this hotel (hmm.. good omen for fengshui also).

Guests storing luggage bags at reception counter

Checking in is at 3pm, but Timez Modern Heritage Hotel provides free luggage storage for guest. Rows of 62 pieces of Swatch Watches from the private collection are displayed in the lobby symbolizes time in its own way.

Melaka is well known for its mix pot of influences from 5 different cultural elements such as Chinese, Peranakan, Dutch, Portugese and the British. Through migration, local assimilation and political reign, these cultures has left their indelible mark on Melaka, from  cuisines to ceremonies, and arts to architecture. Thus, Timez embraced this treasure trove  adding color and context to deliver carefully and thoughtfully designed rooms and suites. At Timez Modern Heritage Hotel, there are 12 individually designed rooms and 3 suites, each depicting Melaka's history spanning several centuries. Although the rooms are of history and like a time capsule, but they are fully equipped in modern amenities.
 Azulejos Room (photo from Timez Hotel)
A Portuguese themed room with well-known tiles of the same name, painted ceramic pieces glazed with tin that not only brighten up space but also helps to regulate temperatures. 

The Cherki Room (photo from Timez Hotel)
The Cherki room depicts the traditional Peranakan game that is similar to mahjong. Encompassed in apple green, it recalls the idyllic afternoons at Peranakan homes where Nyonyas would chew betel nuts and gossip and wagering their luck playing game of cherki. 

 Kapit Room: Dutch Concept

There are 3 floors in Timez Hotel, serviced by a small lift. I stayed in the Kapit Room, room no.305 which is on the top floor.

To get to my room, I have to take this small flight of steps. 

 Kapit, is actually from the word Kueh Kapit, a traditional wafer cake made mostly during Chinese New Year. It is a egg batter, poured on two pieces of beautifully crafted round patterned iron mould and heated over charcoal fire to cook. This thin pieces of cooked wafer is then quickly taken out and folded into a quarter. It is also known as 'love letters'. It is a surprise to me as I didn't know that this lovely crunchy wafer has its roots dated back to the Dutch, as I always assumed that it was Chinese.

As I open the door to my room, on the left is the storage space for luggage. Beside it, covered by the mirror, there are shelf, small safe, electric iron and board, hair dyer, bedroom slippers and place to hang clothes.

Toilets are one of the most important amenities I look for in a hotel stay. Dirty, slimy, smelly toilets is a no, no and a damper to my holiday. Here, it is spick and pan, vibrant and colorfully decorated. I like the overhead shower as this is suitable to hot weather in Melaka, where we really have to shower from head to toe. The usual toiletries of hair shampoo, body shampoo, body lotion and shower cap was neatly placed inside the toilet.
There are 9 international channels and 4 local channels available in rooms TV channel. 
Room is already equip with 2 free bottles water, Aristo Coffee maker and capsules, and also a water heater for boiling water. Another big welcome relieve is the a small refrigerator where guests can have cool drinks and a minibar. Being into social media, I have much praise for the complimentary Wi-fi in room and all around the hotel which is fast and easy to log in. Congratulations to to Timez Hotel! 


 A rooftop lounge where one can enjoy the view over Jonker Street, and a puff of cigarettes for smokers.

I like this Aerial view of Jonker Street from rooftop lounge

Morning complimentary breakfast is served in Timez hotel's F&B outlet, SuperRabbit Cafe which is adjacent to the reception counter. 
Nasi Lemak and French Toast with mushroom soup
A menu of Asian-Western fusion, guests can choose from 4 sets of menu that is Dare to Try Spaghetti, Charcoal Lover grilled chicken burger, Big Breakfast and Nasi lemak. For breakfast, the Coffee and tea is free flow and self service. Premium coffees, selection of cakes are also on sale and SuperRabbit Cafe is open to private parties, corporate meetings and events too.

Breakfast at SuperRabbit Cafe had me hopping like the three rabbits behind me with delight.

Can you spot where the beverages are? At a glance, they just seem to blend into the art work behind! 

Ok, zapping back to my earlier conversation, yes I did went to Prime Meridian timeline at Greenwich, England, and stood at the very spot where time stands still or it is zero time. This is the place where time of our earth starts on both side of the line. 

I travelled 12,500 KM to a place where time stands still. Now you just have to travel 122KM from Kuala Lumpur to a place of time zone too at Timez Modern Heritage Hotel where time was immobilized with Melaka's past and present.

"Time and tide wait for no man", but Timez Hotel is there waiting for you, so quick make a booking to experience this unique time capsule.

Thank you Timez Modern Heritage Hotel for a great time!!!

Timez Modern Heritage Hotel
No. 31, Jalan Hang Kasturi, Jonker Street,
75200 Melaka
Tel: +606-2081 2109
Fax: +606-281 7509
Email: Info@timezhotel.com
Website: www.timezhotel.com

Google map of Timez Modern Heritage Hotel, Melaka, Malaysia

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