MBO launch Samsung Onyx and Big Screen at Atria Shopping Mall

The very first LED screen cinema is here!  Watching movies in cinemas is becoming more and more immersive and thrilling nowadays. MBO cinemas just opened its largest outlet in Atria Shopping Mall, Petaling Jaya with this MBO Samsung Onyx Hall to bring movies experiences to the next level. 

Movie enthusiasts are in for a treat as MBO recently launch its 3 unique viewing concepts, MBO Kecil, MBO Big Screen and MBO Samsung Onyx Hall at Atira Shopping Mall.  MBO is Malaysia's third biggest movie theater industry player providing latest new innovative cinematic experiences.

MBO Kecil Hall  

MBO Kecil gives an all round family friendly watching movie experience. When my kids are small, I was unable to go to watch movies because I was scared that they were unable to sit so long in the dark and feel bored. Well, parents nowadays are lucky, as you can bring your kids to watch movies at MBO Kecil now!
First there is a mini playground with slides in the cinema! There are also 3 different types of seating: for parents, the normal or for more relaxing types of lying down fully for a rest especially for those tired mums.  
All the seats have brightly colored cushions and don't worry the cinema will be only slightly dim so that you can still see your kids ^-^ Parties can also be organized for kids birthdays and functions.

Big Screen Hall

Woee... I like this Big Screen hall very much. We can enjoy cinematic effects to the fullest as it is equipped with the state of art technology, BARCO, the flagship laser projector. This is the first in Malaysia that brings advanced image quality to big screen without sacrificing quality. In fact, it gives outstanding brightness, superior colour and high contrast. 

The seats are in a curved arrangements to enable full viewing without having to turn your head around in this big screen. For total immersive sound, it is equip with Dolby Atmos audio technology giving you the effect that you are inside the movies. Speakers are placed all around and even above the ceiling for activation of full sense surround sound effect.

MBO Samsung Onyx Hall
We have been getting the LED screen televisions in our homes for better picture quality. Some of my friends watch movies at home because they do not like the movies at cinema which is screen from projectors. MBO Samsung Onyx Hall is the one and only one in Malaysia using LED screen. LED screen gives 4K resolution that supports High Dynamic Resolution (HDR) content. This Samsung Onyx Hall has 4,096 x 2,160 resolutions pixel (4K) which gives ultra sharp pictures. I remember watching a movie in one cineplex where not only the screen is small, the pictures are blur and faded. This also has Harman's JBL Surround Sound System where audience in each and every row can experience a clear and balanced sound. Therefore, this MBO Atira will definitely be my regular cineplex from now on!

Mr. Cheah Chun Wai, MBO Chief Operations Officer explaining the features inside MBO Samsung Onyx Hall.

Another very important feature in MBO Atria Mall is the leg room between the seats. I am sure we have experienced having to pull or tuck our legs in when some one wants to walk into the seats beside us. Sometimes, they accidentally kick our feet because it is dark and narrow. Another annoying case is when the person behind you putting up his feet on the back of your seat and even shaking your seat rocking you as you watch the movies. This is the worst scenario and I hated it very much. I have even wrote a blog about it earlier (The worst thing to happen to you in cinema) Well, here in MBO cinema, the leg room is very wide so this problem does not exist. At MBO Atria, now I can enjoy my movies at peace!

There are lots of comfy seats inside the cinema

As for F&B, there is this special revolutionary drink concept coca cola freestyle called Coke Freestyle. There are over 50 drink combination choices at the machine and you can choose it via interactive touchscreen dispenser. It is also customize to provide local Malaysian flavours such as Lychee, Mango, variants of A&W and others. ALLSTAR members can use their their loyalty cards to collect pints as well as point redemption at this self-service kiosk. 

In tune with green environment, there is also this special cover for drinks which does not have to use plastic straw. This special cover is also a tight lid and you can just drink from it without spilling.

The interesting thing that caught my attention here is this Cafecito- cafe on the side of the halls. There are different types of seating but also a play area to keep kids occupied. MBO Atria is indeed a kids and family oriented cineplex!

Lastly, to cut queues at ticketing counter, you can buy tickets from this ticket kiosk. Credits cards are accepted here too. Ticket prices are additional RM3 on top of the normal tickets in MBO Samsung Onyx Hall and MBO Kecil, Additional RM4 above the normal ticket price for Big Screen. The good news is RM9 for OKU and senior citizens (above 55 years old) everyday!

I watched Bumber Bee in this MBO cinema in Atria Shopping Mall and enjoyed it very much. I would give Bumber Bee it a rating of 8/10. I was actually not an MBO fan earlier, but now I am hooked. Why? 
Here are my 8 reasons:
1. Wide leg room where I can stretch my leg and people walking in front of me won't kick my feet
2. LED screen in Samsung Onyx Hall
3. Big Screen for ultimate movie experience
4. Surround sound system with Dobly Atmos and Harman's JBL sound system
5. MBO Kecil so that parents can bring kids to cinemas
6. F&B: Cocacola Freestyle kiosk with 50 choices and child friendly cafe
7. Spacious interior with comfy sofa seats for those waiting for the show
8. Special ticket price for senior citizens and OKU at RM9 everyday!  
Yes! MBO is going to be my priorty cineplex from now on especially MBO Atria Shopping Mall!

Cinematic experience have reached the next level. I was invited to review another unique Gold Class Bona Cinema, with reclining seats, manual control for seat motion and vibration. Please read about it in the blog here: https://secret-spices.blogspot.com/2018/12/bona-cinemas-new-imax-and-gold-class.html

Google Map of MBO Atria Shopping Mall, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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