How to cut Lamb Leg at Butchery Masterclass 2019 by MLA at BerjayaUC

"There are many categories of Beef and Lamb and ways to cut it," said Shaun Francis, Australian Master Butcher at Australian Beef & Lamb Masterclass 2019 by MLA (Meat & Livestock Australia). This butchery masterclass was held at Berjaya University College of hospitality, Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. Mr. Shuan Francis is a professional Australian Butcher, brought in by MLA and with cooperation of Australian High Commission of Malaysia. 

There are different breeds of Australian sheeps, which as a layman, I only know it by the color. Oh dear, how ignorant am I, as I only see and say, "oh, this one is nice, with black color head one". Ok, now I know its called Dorper lamb, (shy, shy, shy lah, I am with shallow knowledge of sheeps) In fact, at my first trip to Australia, I was so happy seeing so many many sheeps grazing that I shout in amazement, "sheep, sheep, so nice, they are like white dots on the green grass!"

We are always learning in our life, therefore, I am thankful to BerjayaUC for the invitation to attend this butchery masterclass where I learnt so much info on beef and lamb.


How to categorize Lamb and Mutton?
Well, I normally don't even know what is the difference between lamb and mutton. Well in Malaysia, we normally rear goats, so most of the meat we had are mutton. Therefore, I was very happy that this Butchery Masterclass 2019 provided and enriched me with so much meat information. Here are the basic categories of sheep meat!

Lamb is from zero to (approximately) 12 months, with no permanent incisor teeth yet. Mutton is approximately over 10 months age, with at least one (1) permanent tooth and so on as seen in the charts below.  

Photos taken from magazine

How to categorizes Veal or Beef?
Do you know what is veal (V), beef (A) or bull (B). They are categorized by dentition, male or female and whether they are castrated or not.

 So, veal is meat from cattle with no adult teeth, less than 70kg, can be male and female. Refer to the table above from the courtesy of MLA and

Photos from trueaussiebeef magazine

Here's a chart of the basic lamb cuts

Name of Parts of Beef cuts and how best to cook it

This shows us how to cook the cuts: be it stir-fry, barbecue, pan-fry, oven roast or hotpot or casserole. Very interesting!

Name of Parts of Lamb cuts and how best to cook it

Perfect cut of lamb leg

Here is a short video of How to Cut Lamb Leg at this Butchery Masterclass 2019

At the end of this Butchery Masterclass 2019 at BerjayaUC, we were given samples of to taste. Delicious!

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Australian High Commission Malaysia

On the same day there is a cooking demo by Diana Chan, winner of MasterChef Australia 2017, below is the link:

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Thank You!!!

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