The Bassment Cafe (地下事) at SS4, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Life is what we perceive it to be. Everyone's life is different, as we are also all born with many differences and in different communities. Today, I am going to talk about The Bassment Cafe (地下事) in SS4, Petaling Jaya and a pair of Deaf twins.

The Bassment Cafe (地下事) was started in December 2018 and has stirred great interest in the Deaf community. Why? Because it is managed by Deaf twins, Michael and Jason Lim and with the help of another brother. This pair of Deaf twins have been working for others after graduating from high school. Life was not so smooth sailing, advancement in career was not forth coming, and there were handicaps in many ways, on top of their own handicap. So their parents decided to give them a chance to be able to stand on their own feet and also to be self reliant in a business opportunity. Therefore, The Bassment Cafe (地下事) was started with Michael and another normal hearing brother managing and Jason handling the ropes in the kitchen. As a former teacher in a Deaf school, I was invited to review and help to promote this interesting cafe with an actual large basement where functions can held for more than 100 people.

The Actual Basement inside The Bassment Cafe

Suitable for meetings, special functions such as birthdays, company annual dinners with food catering all in.

Nowadays, marriage proposal and engagements are in fashion among youngsters. So this cafe is the place where decorations can be done, menu chosen by you and what your love one likes to eat, and have a memorable moment shared by friends and relatives.  

 Healthy activities can be carried out such as board games, music, chess, and bonding among friends, office workers or family members in the basement if this Bassment Cafe(地下事)  .

Homemade Chicken Chop -RM17.90

The Bassment Cafe (地下事) offers mixture of fusion, but mainly Western on the menu. This is a delectable dish with the chicken meat soft and tender and lovely black pepper sauce. 

Grill Lamb Rack
Lamb rack grilled to perfection, served with mashed potato, carrots, ladies fingers and homemade mint sauce. I fall in love with this special mint sauce. It has fragrance of mint and a mixture of slightly sweet and tangy sour taste.

Classic Tomato Spaghetti - RM15.90
An all time classic, I could not fault anything with it. I am sure it will be a hit with the children as it was not spicy and tastes delicious!

 Signature Big Portion  - RM149.90
This is a group of friends or family sharing portion. Overall, I feel it can be shared by 5-6 pax. It consists of fish and chips, squid ring, whole roasted chicken, tempura prawn, mashed potatoes, grilled chicken chop, sausage, grilled tomato and mushroom aglio-olio. I couldn't help finishing the squid first, then the tempura prawns and the fish and the grilled chicken. The roasted chicken is a real huge chicken which needs proper roasting to cook it thoroughly and can fill 4 person by itself. This is a really huge portion indeed! This signature gig portion comes with free tea. The drinks in the background Super berries, Strawberry, Pamelon grapefruit, peach garden, lychee, mojito are at RM10.00 each. Chocolate milkshake at the corner is RM14.90 each.

 Flower in Mud (Onion Fried) RM10.90
This is a must try! A snack that is made like a flower, and tastes amazing. Onions give out its own sweetness and flavor when fried, and here it is enhanced with a tasty gravy and top with mayo.

 Tomato Bruschetta - RM10.90

Mushroom Bruschetta - RM10.90

Mushroom Soup - RM10.90

There are also special lunch set promotions at only RM13.90 served with Ice Tea from Monday to Friday, 12.00 pm to 3 pm.

Decorated in soft hues of pastel colours, this cafe provides a peaceful and relaxing mood. The Bassment Cafe (地下事)  is a great place for a relaxing afternoon tea too. Tucked in SS4 residential area, parking is a breeze anytime of the day.

What a feast! Awesome, let's enjoy the food and have bonding with diverse communities in life.

This cafe is worth checking out. I hope this Deaf Twins Michael and Jason have found their calling and persevere with hard work and determination.
 As the famous Stephen King says, 
"Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work"

The Bassment Cafe ( 地下事)
35, Jalan SS4C/5 Taman Rasa Sayang (4,117.64 mi)
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 47301

For more information and reservations:
Tel: +60 3-7887 7171
Facebook: The Bassment Cafe

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