Get things done and Getting on in Life, can I?

Busy, busy, busy! Argh, no time ya, well your friend will tell you, 'Everyone got 24 hours'. Yeaah, But, but it is not the same with everyone. We all have our own character and personality, therefore each one deals with their own life in a different way. It also depends on which phase of life are you in...

For example, when I was younger, I can deal with jobs and multi task easily. AND I do not understand why some other people can't. There's a case of a colleague didn't do his task given for over two months and he was mostly in the cafeteria chatting and yakking away. At that time, I just couldn't understand why didn't he just get on the task and finish it first, instead of sitting, drinking and telling everyone that he's very busy, has lots of work and tasks to do.

Now as I am older, I can understand his predicament. I know how it feels .... I can feel overwhelmed by work and just don't know where to start and what to do. I feel tired, disillusion by just thinking of the job. Have you felt like this before?

  Caerphilly Castle, in Wales, is second biggest castle in Britain ( second to Windsor Castle) was built in 1268. Have the gloomy feeling when I get older, most of the time it is dark. 

 Overhelmed by feeling of frustration and surrounded by all sorts of thoughts.... (similar to surrounded by moat all around this castle)

Standing and looking at nowhere?

Ya, I have been to meditation centers and know meditation. So friends will ask, " You know meditation, you should be more calm..." But my spiritual level and meditation is at a very shallow level. Most of the time, I can't even have concentrate during my meditation, oh, oh, the secret is out. (shy, shylah)

Photo taken in Australia

So, can you get things done and get on in life? Can every one can get on in life, right? It's how do we get on in life and the quality of life we are living. 
I feel like all around me is dark with a hole for me to crawl in....

At times we will experience phases in life where when it rains, it pours. This is one of the moments in life where I experience this.....with house renovations going on (have to squat temporary here and there, as the whole house is full of dust), hubby in ICU, elderly mother to take care, daughter getting married....
I gotta get things done and get on with life.
OK, just carry on right?
Do whatever comes, see to whatever comes first. But as I have said, I can't multi task, so it's do whatever I can do and whenever remember.

It's frustrating, it's slow and it's stressful! Procrastination starts to rear its ugly head. Sometimes, I really feel like giving all up. Have you gone through this stage of life?

How to get things done?
- list out what I have to do
- write down what I am going to do tomorrow
- tell myself go, go ,go
- refrain from the easy way out by playing games, watching TV dramas, going shopping, movies, drinking, or wallow in ice cream or food... (but this is the easiest way to forget everything)

Well, get on with life, Kooi Mei!

Oh dear, my refrigerator just give up on me again! This is the 3rd time the technician came to repair it. I find this very disturbing and frustrating......So looks like I have to change and buy a new one! 

Like a lost sheep.... 
(photo taken in New Zealand)

Anyone experience this before? Comments are welcome.

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