Truffle Hunting at Meteora, Greece, With Pasta Truffle Lunch

How interesting to see dog sniffing out truffles! It was a fascinating experience during my travel to Greece last year. Truffle hunting and lunch was a guided tour from Meterora Truffle Hunting, Greece, an inclusive tour that was booked by my local tour company. 

Before the start of the truffle hunting, we were given a brief explanation and introduced to the cute lovely dog who can sniff out truffles.

The dog lead the way running into the forest, and it will sniff and dig at places when it found truffles.
The dog will sometimes take out the truffle with its mouth and give it to its owner. 

After finding the truffle, the dog may bite the truffle out from the ground and hand it to its owner. Then it will wait patiently for its reward from the owner. 

Truffle is the most expensive mushroom in the world. In Italy, it was also called "Black Diamond". A delicacy and added to food and desserts to enchance the taste. Well, only a little bit was added only as it was so expensive!

This is the raw truffle, part of it bitten by dog.

Washed truffle ready to cook.

Pasta was cooked in a big pot with other types of mushrooms

Assorted types of mushrooms

Truffle was added last after the pasta was cooked

Delicious truffle pasta was our lunch for the day.
 "This pasta was taste so much better than the ones we had in the restaurant!" said one of my tour group friends.

It's photo taking session! We were very happy to be aable  Everyone had photo taking session with our Greek chef and the big unique pot while the truffle pasta is cooking.

Here's a video of this fascinating experience:

A truly interesting and fascinating experience of truffle hunting in Meteora, Greece.
Note: This is not a sponsored post. For more info, there is this website: Meteora Truffle Hunting with Lunch

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