Sheep Placenta Anti-Aging, Nuvit Grande Platinum Sheep Placenta Complex

"Oh dear, why I do have so many wrinkles?" "How to take care of my appearance so that I do not age fast?" Aging, ya, as we grow older, our skin also age with us, and this seems to be the main problem most women face and very concern about it. Growing old is a natural process, but still many hope to appear youthful. Especially those who likes to take care of their looks and well being. There are many ways to take care of ourselves such as exercise, food intake and also supplements. 

Heard of sheep placenta? I heard of it about more ten years ago when it has been rumored that one of our high profile figure when overseas for it. Thus, I was happy to be able to get my hands on this Nuvit Grande Platinum Sheep Placenta Complex soft coated gel. This gel capsule works by having cell rejuvenation from within. Nuvit Grande Platinum Sheep Placenta Complex is from New Zealand. It has been well researched and after 15 years of development, it has been widely recognized as effective supplement for Anti-Ageing and Cell Rejuvenation.

Why Nuvit Grande Platinum Sheep Placenta Complex? 
The four main reasons are:
1. Premium quality from the purest source - extracted from 30,000mg New Zealand Sheep Placenta with 50:1 compression
2. 4-IN-1  Ground breaking formulation -enhanced with Squalene, Olive Oil essence and Alor Vera Essence
3. Manufactured Under strict & quality assured  standard -
Each capsule contains  nitrogen to avoid oxidation and decomposition of active cell components
4. Well-researched for 15 years

What is aging? Now let's look at aging first.
According to Verywell,  "Think of aging as "that which happens to our bodies over time." This definition encompasses all of the aging the human body goes through, as opposed to the signs of aging that occur later in life, like gray hair and wrinkles. It also says aging does not discriminate ^-^. 
Thus, aging occurs to all humans and living things. It does not actually starts from old age, it can happen from as young as 25 years old. The rate of cell death in our biological system will gradually overtake the rate of cell growth. So the number of healthy cells produced is slower than the rate of cell death. Our cell repair ability also declines as we grow and live longer. Thus this also leads to the accumulated damage molecules. As we age, this is what happens to our body: 
- Tissue injuries & damage 
- Weak bones
- Breakdown of collagen and elasticity
- Hormonal changes
- Low immune system
- Deterioration of physical vitality & energy
- Increase of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots
Ageing is an unstoppable force of nature, but we can do our part by taking care of our skin and/or take supplements

Placenta - reversing the Law of ageing

First and foremost, what is placenta and its functions? "The placenta is a temporary organ that connects the developing fetus via the umbilical cord to the uterine wall to allow nutrient uptake, thermo-regulation, waste elimination, and gas exchange via the mother's blood supply; to fight against internal infection; and to produce hormones which support pregnancy." (from Wikipedia) Placenta has been used in cosmetics for skin and beauty products since the olden Egyptian times. Placenta is the cradle of life that protects and nourishes a growing foetus by exchanging nutrients between mother and baby.  Bio active cytokines, stem cells that can replicate into viable cells to act as a repair system for the body to replenish adult tissues. As a result, replacement of  damage tissue and restoration of cells that have undergone molecular changes can be achieved. 

What are the main ingredients?
 Nuvit Grande Platinum Sheep Placenta Complex contains specially extracted sheep placenta from 30,000 mg premium grade New Zealand Ovine Placenta, of 50:1 compression, and with Squalene, Olive oil and Aloe Vera Essence.
* Olive Placenta: compatible with human body, ovine placenta is extraordinarily nourishing, so it does not cause allergic reactions and safe for consumption. It also contains essential amino acids , nucleic acids, immune factors, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.
* Squalene : Obtained from the liver of deep-water sharks. It revitalize weakened body cells and revives cell regeneration, as it has anti - cancer and antioxidant properties
*Olive Oil Essence - is known as one of the healthiest dietary fats. Studies have shown olive oil health benefits such as protection from cardiovascular diseases, hypertension. It is also a powerful antioxidant
* Aloe VeraEssence - Has been used in traditional  medicinal purposes for thousands of years. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids in maintaining good health, moisturizing and soothing effects, and also helps strengthen the immune system.

The Journey From Encapsulation To Absorption
First, through cell culture and advancement of extraction technology, Nuvit Grande Platimum Sheep Placenta under goes a 50:1 extraction ratio whereby 30,000 mg of New Zealand Ovine Placenta is extracted and condensed into 600mg of concentrated active material.
To enhance its terapeutic effects, spcil ingredients o f squalene, olive oil essence and aloe vera essence is added and then all are encapsulated in a soft gelatin capsule.
The enteric coating of the soft gelatin capsule enales it to enter the intesstine without being damaged by stomach acids. Thus the cellular elements  are completely absorbed and fully utilized to achieve anti-ageing effects.

Inside each capsule contains nitrogen to avoid oxidation and decomposition of active cell components. The above photo shows the difference between capsules with nitrogen and the one without nitrogen. Without nitrogen, oxidation takes place easier together with bacteria growth.

Nuvit Grande Platinum Sheep Placenta Complex  comes in a box of 30 soft gels with 10 extra soft gels inside. 

This Timeless Recovery Cell Rejuvenation from within dietary supplement can be bought from pharmacies nation wide. Normal price is RM468 but is Now at only RM299. Recover your youth now! There is an on-going promotion from now until the end of August 2020. 

For product info line: 1800 88 3679
Facebook: Nuvit.Malaysia

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