Ramadan Buffet 2022 at Premiere Hotel, Warna Warni Ramadan


Feasting/Eating has become part of Malaysian culture across all races. It is part and parcel of our harmonious society and food is an integral part of our life. During the holy month of Ramadan, many hotels, restaurants are offering special buffet dinners for the breaking fast. Hotel Premiere, Klang, this year did a very elaborate array of dishes for their Warna Warni Ramadan with the theme of authentic Malay delicacies. 

Situated at The Buzz Cafe, Premiere Hotel's executive chef Noor Hisham and his team have prepared a sumptuous feast of both local and international specialities. There are live cooking stations, all time local favourite of goreng-goreng such as Pisang Goreng, Apam Balik, Popiah Basah, Kway Teow Goreng, Satay and even freshly made pop corn!
Apam Balik station 

Arabian Marinated whole Lamb 

This grilled Arabien marinated lamb is super delicious, with the meat so tender and succulent. The lamb is marinated with the finest spices and herbs, no wonder the meat is so nice and fragrant. One of the best-grilled lamb I have tasted so far. 

There are a wide variety of traditional authentic dishes such as Daging Salai, Ayam Masak Merak, Gulai Kawah Pak Long, Ikan Bakar Premiere Special, Sotong Lemak Cili Api and many more. I love the Sotong Lemak Cili Api because the squid is cooked to perfection until it is soft and tender. Cooking sotong/squid needs skill because if it is over cooked it will be too tough and chewy. 

So many different types of ingredients for ice kacang!

I love variety, and yes... I got it here, there are so many different types of ingredients for a bowl of ice kacang. This is heavenly!

Desserts, yes desserts are my favourite. I am indeed surprised to see so many types ranging from western delectable cakes, pastries to local kuih-muih. Only this is found here, Premiere Special Assorted Milkshakes such as coconut, Pineapple, mango, banana and even durian milkshake (subject to seasonal availability). 

Diners will be entertained with Live band, The Asimilasi Band which will perform nightly during the buffet. 

Here is a video of Ramadan Buffet 2022 at Premiere Hotel

Warna Warni Ramadan Buffet dinner is available from 4 April - 30 April 2022 at The Buzz Cafe from 7pm - 10pm. 
The price is RM118 nett per person, RM78 nett for children/senior citizen. 

For early bird booking from now until 3 April, it is RM98 nett per person. If purchase 9 vouchers, you are entitled to one (1) free voucher. There will be weekly lucky draws session which will be held on 13, 20 and 27 April 2022. 

The Buzz Cafe is located at ground floor with food stations spread out into the open air too. I find this setting is very good as it is spacious and airy, not cooped up in an enclosed area. Highly recommended for this type of dining during our present time of needing more fresh air!

For enquiries or reservations, 
Please call +603 3325 6828 / 03-3325 6800
Or email to fnb@premiere-hotels.wct.my or WhatsApp to 012 449 6258 (Mazlina Manaf)

Thank you!!!

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