WOK HEY, Singapore's Trendiest Asian Stir-Fry is in Sunway Pyramid

WOK HEY flies the finest Asian Stir-Fry Dishes from Singapore to Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia. WOK HEY is awarded the title "Singapore's Best Fried Rice" and also the Most Innovative F&B Brand (multiple Outlets) from the Restaurant Association of Singapore in 2021. With over 34 outlets in Singapore, WOK HEY has grown fast and become a significant mainstream in the fast-casual category globally.  This fast-casual, convenient, take-out kiosk concept is offering tasty, nutritional, value-for-money, customized Asian stir-fry is making a debut towards the North to Malaysia now.  

Traditional Cantonese frying is all about Wok Hey. What is Wok Hey? According to Michelin Guide"Stir frying, the cornerstone of Cantonese cooking, is all about wok hei, that complex charred aroma that fleetingly cloaks the piping-hot stir-fries served at Cantonese restaurants and zi char joints. The hallmark of an outstanding chef, wok hei - literally translated as ‘breath of a wok’ - results from a complex interplay of factors that is part science, part art, part magic." 

Literally, to me, there must be enough heat in the stir-fry with lots of smoke until the food is thoroughly cooked creating an aroma with the perfect temperature. 

In tune with Asian Staples, the mains are rice and noodles. The dishes here can be customized for everyone, with a wide selection and combination of quality ingredients. At WOK HEY, there are basically 4 different signature dishes, Egg Fried Rice, Shanghai Fried Rice, Fresh Ramen and Udon. Customers have a choice of adding Grilled Chicken, Braised Meat or Seasoned Prawns.

Hmm...which do I like the best? My top pick is the Shanghai Fried Rice followed by Fresh Ramen. The rice is harvested from the luscious paddy fields in Japan, a quality that enhances the overall dish. The Ramen is like normal noodles but the overall taste after frying more fragrant, and tasty, and when in combination with the grilled chicken is a class above!. Top it with a Sous Vide Egg makes it even better! Oh yes, do remember to ask for chili, as the chili here is super delicious and it is free of charge at the moment!

On top of these basic stir-fry deliciousness, customers are spoilt for choice with a large variety of add-ons choice of fresh vegetables and eggs, with the additional cost of only RM1.50. Among the choices are Edamame, Kale, Nai Bai, Broccoli, Brussels Sprout, Capsicum, Asparagus, Tobiko, Sous Vide Egg, Shimeji mushroom, and Shitake mushroom. 

Get yourself a free cute personal character illustration from YiYing Gan at WOK HEY at the following dates: 12 May: 11am - 4pm, 14 & 15 May: 2 sessions 11 am - 2pm and 5.30 - 8.30pm. One free illustration per receipt for WOK HEY customers. 

As WOK HEY was built on the belief that Asian stir-fry staples can become a mainstream segment.  Jake Chia, Co-founder/Director of WOK HEY said "a great deal of time and effort was spent on supplies, processes, and staff training to ensure the best quality possible for WOK HEY to be brought into Malaysia and we hope the local community loves the food as much as we do".

Jake Chia, Co-founder/Director of WOK HEY

So, why not check out this stir-fry deliciousness brought over from the land of Merlion to the lion of KL. I find that this easy, tasty Asian stir-fry can be eaten as lunch or dinner. For delivery or take-away, the packaging and boxes are so pretty in yellow, and in paper boxes that are environmentally friendly. The portions are also big and very filling. 

Singapore WOK HEY is already Halal certified, and this application is in progress for Halal certification in Malaysia. 

Quick, go to WOK HEY at Sunway Pyramid for this special opening promotion of Buy 1 free 1 special valid from 12-15 May 2022. This is a really worthwhile promotion, valid for only 3 days.

Unit LG2.43A, 3, Jalan PJS 11/15
Banfar Sunway, 47500
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm

My Ratings: 
Taste: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Portions: 10/10 
Location: 9.5/10

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